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Top 10 Crazy Facts about Casinos And Gambling

All that glitters is not gold. This saying stands true when you talk about the flashy world of Casinos and Gambling. 

Top 10 Crazy unknown facts about Casinos & Gambling

From strange country laws to superstitious beliefs, this land brings a lot more stories behind that “Ka-Ching” sound, and oh, boy! You need to get a hold of everything as we count down our list for Top 10 Crazy Facts about Casinos and Gambling.

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10. Japan has imposed a Ban on Casinos

While Japan ranks as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, this East Asian land has marked the operation of Casinos and Gambling utterly illegal. But sharp Japanese minds have devised a way to avoid this law by turning to a mechanical game called the Pachinko. 

You would find Pachinko Parlors on a very large scale while roaming on the streets of Japan. 

Players are required to gather as many silver balls as possible to trade for “special-prize” tokens. Then players can legally sell these tokens in exchange for cash at separate state-regulated shops off-premises. 

09. You can ban ‘yourself’ from a Casino

If you think your time with the Casino and Gambling is up or your addiction is getting out of hand, you can voluntarily impose a ban on yourself from stepping into a Casino. That way, your presence would be interpreted as a criminal activity. 

The American state of Ohio has a “Voluntary Exclusion” program to enable the gamblers to ban themselves from entering the Casino building for a year, five years, or a lifetime. 

It is what is!

08. Dealers must show their Hands to the Cameras before leaving the table

Unlike the pop culture instances where notorious dealers or gamblers outsmart the likes of common people and get away with millions, in real life, cameras keep an eye on every moment that goes down in the Casino premises. 

Ever seen a dealer clap their hands after going on a break? This activity is under constant scrutiny as the dealers are required to show their hands to the Cameras. Just to avoid the chips from being stolen, Casino owners had devised this phenomenon. Thus, putting a halt to this common criminal practice.  

07. Its harder to win American Roulette than European Roulette 

European gamblers are expected to register a subsequent easier win than their American counterparts. Though Roulette is a game of French origin, Americans have tweaked the formula to include 38 instead of 37 possible places for the ball to land (adding a “00” as well as a “0” house pocket to the wheel). 

06. The world’s largest casino is situated in a ‘boring’ location

That’s right! The state of Oklahoma which is a land of thunderstorms and tornadoes, and home to one of the nicest and mind-numbingly boring people, boasts the existence of the largest casino in the world. 

 In Thackerville, Oklahoma this property sits on a 600000+ square feet piece of land for gambling. Opened in 2003 and later expanded to a larger unit in 2013. This casino has several sections in it including a well-furnished restaurant with a variety of entertainment venues for you.

05. India will soon have a Floating Casino

Delta Corp, an Indian gaming and hospitality corporation, announced a Floating Casino to be made available in Goa. 

With a cost of over $20.5 million, this floating casino will replace the Deltin Caravela casino (another project of Delta Corp.) that runs on the Mandovi River in Goa. 

We wonder, what’s next? An underwater casino? Who knows!?

04. Casino money is used to pay income taxes in Monaco

Yeah, you heard it correctly. If you’re a native citizen of Monaco, you’re not allowed to gamble at the Monte Carlo casino, instead, the money collected from tourists playing the casino is spent on paying income taxes. 

In the 1800s, Princess Caroline made it illegal for the citizens to gamble in the Casino. 

Phew! That’s sad given that the Monte Carlo Carlo or Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the most popular casinos in the world. Thanks to the James Bond movies and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. 

03. The gambling Capital of the world isn’t Las Vegas!

All thanks to popular belief, Las Vegas is all bling and stuff but unfortunately it’s nowhere near an extravagant experience one would have in the city of Macau which happens to be the world’s largest gambling city. We feel sorry for Vegas as Macau’s casino revenues beat it five times over in 2012.

Vegas, which makes most of its money in penny slots, most of the money generated in Macau (75 per cent!) comes from high rollers making huge bets at table games in V.I.P. rooms. Thus, putting the flashing lights of Vegas to rest. 

02. A cab in London hosts the world’s smallest casino!

What? Dealer at my Doorstep? Yeah, The Grosvenor Casino in London has a mobile casino in the back of a cab, which comes with a gaming table, dealer, bar, and a TV showing sports. 

While you were looking for it everywhere, your dream of becoming an overnight millionaire was behind you at the traffic signal. 

Make way!

01. Roulette and the Devil go hand in hand!

Not to spook you out but this last mention in our list is quite interesting.

When you add up all the numbers on the Roulette wheel, you’re left with 666! The Biblical “Number of the Beast!” Not to say that Roulette is related to bad luck and superstition but the game has its fair share of spooky riches to rags stories! 

You seem surprised, don’t you?

Which fun fact surprised you the most? We bet it’s all of them. After all, this world of gambling is full of mysteries and surprises! 


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