Probetx Casino Review

ProbetX Review – Trust Sportsbook or Not?

If you are looking for a new sportsbook to enjoy real-money sports betting, then ProbetX is a decent option. Our ProbetX review is genuine and based on customer feedback, ease of use of the website on any device, customer support, variety of betting, payouts, and withdrawals, deposits, and more. 

My Casino Guru provides free online casino reviews of the best online slots websites and sportsbooks. 

With ProbetX, you can place direct bets on your favorite sporting events. You can access the website on your mobile by also downloading their APK pack from their website. However, if you like a bigger screen, then you can use your computer or laptop. 

When betting from your mobile, it is convenient, safe, and secure. You also can place bets from anywhere and anytime smoothly. 

Betting on live sporting events is an advantage at ProbetX. You can access the live bets and start placing your bets. 

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Sports Betting: ProbetX Review

You can place bets on various sports like football, cricket, tennis, elections, cockfight, and many more. The website is easy to access on mobile too. You can browse and choose the kind of sport you are interested in, and then choose the game you want to place your bet on. 

There are three options when you are placing your bet. They are In-play, fancy, and Premium. So, choose which bet type and which game you want to place your bet on. You can choose the different stake amount and accordingly place your bet. 

There is live TV where you can watch live sports and also place an in-play bet. You can also see the match odds of betting on either of the teams, this gives you an idea of how much you can win on your bet. On average you can expect a good 10:1 payout ratio when you place a sports bet with ProbetX. 

You can place two types of bets, back bet and lay bet in any game you choose. Back bet means you are backing an event to happen. Whereas, Lay bet is betting on something not to happen. 

In ProbetX, if you are not sure which bet to place, it is good to stick with a Back bet for the home team or your favorite team. If you are confident that the 2nd team may win the game, then go with the lay bet. 

The minimum bet amount is INR 1000. The maximum bet amount is INR 5,00,000. 

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Live Casino games: ProbetX review

You can enjoy ProbetX’s fun casino online. Here you can place real money bets on Live Casino games with real croupiers at the other end. You can play Roulette, Baccarat, Teen Patti, and more such fun and exciting games. Here you can enjoy free casino games with free coins

Slot Games: ProbetX Review 

You can even play popular slot games, win free spins and bonuses. Play 777 slots and many more such games. 

Opening an Account: ProbetX Review

You can open an account with ProbetX after you send a query on their website or Facebook page or on WhatsApp. The customer support will create and send you a new id, make a minimum deposit of INR 1000 and you can use it to start your bets. 

Payment Methods: 

You can make safe and secure payments using most e-wallets. Like Phone Pe, BHIM, UPI, Google Pe, etc you can make deposits. 


You can make deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees. 

Features of ProbetX:

  • Real Money betting
  • User Friendly betting Platform
  • Safety and Security
  • In-play betting 
  • Sports betting and casino games
  • Mobile betting


  • Bet on sports events in football, cricket, and tennis. 
  • Place your bet on casino games like live casino and online slots. 
  • In-play sports betting 


  • Make a minimum deposit to start betting. 
  • No play money provided. 
  • Not much information about withdrawals. 

Highlights of ProbetX Review?

ProbetX brings a lot of benefits to a punter. Following are the reasons why you must start betting at ProbetX: 

Betting with real money:

Betting with real money is one of the most popular ways to win extra money. If you follow most sporting events and have good knowledge about sports like cricket, football, tennis, then you have better odds of winning real money. Therefore, some popular sporting events you can bet on are the IPL, The Ashes, English Premier League, US Open, FIFA, UAEFA, etc. 

Easy-to-use Platform:

The sportsbook site is easy to use and simple to browse. Whether you have an Android mobile or iOS device, you can download the APK and start betting. You may even use the website on your mobile. It is easy to create your betting id by sending a message to customer support. They may ask for some documents and send the new bet id. After you have deposited INR 1000, you can start placing bets on your chosen sports and game. 

End-end Encryption

The ProbetX website is protected with end-end encryption. You can use the website without any problems. All your transactions and personal information are safe and encrypted. Your data is safe and is not shared with any third parties. 

Various Betting Options:

ProbetX not just offers sports betting, but also casino games like Live casino games, slot games, table games, and more. You may also bet on other popular categories like cockfights and elections. 

Cricket Betting

Indians love cricket and betting on it, so if you are looking for a trusted website to place in-play bets, then do so on ProbetX. You will have the best odds to bet on popular cricket sporting tournaments like IPL, World Cup, and other leagues. In addition, you may also watch live cricket matches. They also offer premium cricket betting for those who want to bet more than INR 5,00,000. 

Mobile Betting:

The website is responsive to mobile users too, who may not want to use a laptop or computer. Place bets easily and smoothly on your mobile on the go. Thus, it is safe and secure to place bets on your mobile as the website is fully encrypted. 

Conclusion: ProbetX Review

In Conclusion, we can say that our ProbetX casino site reviews are genuine and provide detailed information about the sportsbook. It is however our duty to let players and users of the website know that you have to be careful about real money betting. You must gamble responsibly to make sure you enjoy betting. 

Moreover, it is important that you first make a minimum deposit in ProbetX and then place your bets. Thus, if you are satisfied with their service, only then continue betting with ProbetX. 

FAQs: ProbetX Review

1. How to create a betting id with ProbetX?

You can contact the customer support personnel on WhatsApp or on their Facebook Page if you want to create a betting id. Before they provide you with the id, they may also ask for some documents to verify your identity. So, when all the documents are verified, then they provide you with the betting id. 

2. How can I place bets on ProbetX?

It is easy to place back or lay bets on ProbetX on various sports, casino games, elections, and more. Thus, after you get your bet id, you must make your first deposit, after which you can easily place your bets. 

3. Are there any reputable online casinos?

At My Casino Guru, we look at many online casinos and sportsbooks and review them in detail. According to our experts, there are some good reputable online casinos and sports betting sites. Therefore, they are UWin, Cricsbet, 10Cric, Betway, and more. 

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