Play India Lottery Winning Formula

Play India Lottery – Winning Formula

Lottery Winning formula – play and win Lottery in India easily. The Play India lottery is very popular in India and people have been lucky to win big lotteries too. It is a dream to win the lottery.

In a lottery, you usually pick numbers between 1-40 or 1- 45 or 1-50, depending on the lottery. Usually, in Lotto India, you need to pick 6 numbers from 1-50.

In order for you to predict the outcome of random events, you can use probability. Probability helps you to predict numbers and create the best number patterns.

Lottery Winning Formula – Play India Lottery:

  • Use the Alphabetical Formula: A=A, B-A = BA, C-B = CB, D-C = DC, E-D = ED, F-E = FE
  • Pick 6 random numbers. So, 1st number = A, 2nd number = B, 3rd number = C, 4th number = D, 5th number = E and 6th number = F.
  • Now, replace all the alphabets with the numbers in the formula and calculate.
  • After calculation, the final 6 numbers must be each added with 3. This process must be repeated 5 more times.
  • You will be left with 36 numbers.
  • Now, make sure that you pick numbers from these 36 numbers every time you enter the lottery. This will increase your odds of winning.

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Use Probability to pick the best numbers:

You can do the Best Mix of Odd and Even Lotto Combinations. Let us see how you can make a lottery winning formula using probability:

  1. Remember you have to pick numbers 1- 50, so you can start by making a table of 5 columns and 10 rows with the numbers inside each box.
  2. First select 6 random numbers between 1- 50 to calculate odds.
  3. So, this means you have 6 chances from 50 when the first number is drawn, i.e., 6/50.
  4. When the second number is drawn you have 5 chances in 49, i.e., 5/49.
  5. The third number drawn will leave you with 4 chances in 48, ie., 4/48.
  6. When fourth number drawn will leave you with 3 chances in 47, i.e., 3/47.
  7. When fifth number drawn will leave you with 2 chances in 46, i.e., 2/46.
  8. The final and sixth number drawn will leave you with 1 chance in 45 of matching that final number, i.e., 1/45.
  9. Now you just need to do the calculation by multiplying all the fractions = 6/50 x 5/49 x 4/48 x 3/47 x 2/46 x 1/ 45 = 720 / 11,441,304,000. If you divide both the numerator and denominator by 720, then you get = 1 / 15,890,700. So, it means you have 1 chance in 15, 890, 700.
  10. If you use the above method to check what odds your winning numbers will get you, then it will help you to know the chances of winning.

Tips on entering the Lottery:

We have some really cool tips for you to enter the lottery:

  1. Have a lottery budget every month and make sure you do not go over that.
  2. Enter the lottery consistently with the same number combination you choose.
  3. Make sure you enter 4-6 lotteries to increase your chances of winning.
  4. Enter lotteries when the value is smaller. Do not wait till the amount becomes a mega lottery, as the competition will be more.
  5. Some lottery winners tell to check the lotto winning numbers from the past months or years. See which numbers were consistent. If you do not see a pattern, then just pick random numbers and apply the Alphabetical formula.
  6. While other winners tell to not pick the previous winning numbers.
  7. When you do win the lottery, experts tell to wait for atleast 6 months to decide what you want to do with the winnings. If you do not do this, you might unnecessarily waste the amount splurging on a lifestyle or things you do not need.
  8. The best thing to do with the lottery winning is to put the money in the bank, as you will need to pay tax on that.


In conclusion, let’s do a recap of everything you know about the Lottery winning in India. Make sure you set a lottery budget, pick random numbers that have not won previously, use the alphabetical formula to get a set of numbers, play in small lotteries and be consistent with the number combinations.

Another important point to remember before you enter the lottery is to check your odds of winning using probability. This will help you to increase your chance of winning.

FAQs – Lottery Winning Formula:

Can a formula be used to win the lottery?

Yes, you can use the probability formula to win the lottery. You need a more strategic approach to get the right numbers by looking at the previous winning numbers and seeing how many times the numbers are repeated in the last 10 -15 years.

How to increase your chances of winning the lottery?

Use the alphabetical formula to increase your chances of winning. According to previous lottery winners, luck has nothing to do with winning. You just have to be consistent with the numbers you choose, meaning stick with them. You must also not pick birthdays and anniversaries, as this will not help you.

How to calculate the number of possible numbers in the lottery?

Use Probability to calculate the number of possible numbers in the lottery. It will give you the best combination of odd and even numbers.

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