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Roulette Odds – The Best Roulette Odds to Maximize Your Win

If you love casino games, then Roulette could be one of your favorite games. The spinning wheel and the ball rolling in the opposite directions are simply mesmerizing. Once you know the basics of how to play the game and understand the best roulette odds, you will absolutely enjoy the game even more. 

Roulette is a game of chance. However, with the help of tips, tricks, and strategy, you have a better chance of winning the bets. 

How to play Roulette? – Roulette Odds

The game of Roulette has a fascinating aura to it. There is a Roulette spinning wheel, a ball, and a roulette board. On the wheel and the board, there are numbers from 1-36 or 1-37 in red and black colors. The 0 and 00 numbers are in green. There are two main bet groups – Outside bets and Inside bets. 

The inside bets lay on the inside of the roulette table. Thus, the probability or odds of winning inside bets is very less, yet they have bigger payouts. 

Outside Bets – Roulette odds: 

These bets lay on the outside of the roulette table. Also, the odds of winning here are greater, yet with a small payout. 

Types of Games and roulette odds: 

European Roulette:

In a European Roulette game, there are 37 numbers in total, with a 0 in green. The house edge on Roulette is very less at 2.70%, meaning you have bigger odds of winning. A European roulette game is inspired by Blaise Pascal’s perpetual motion machine. Most famous land and online casinos have different game features which give better chances to win. 

In addition, in some European roulette games, there are La Partage and En Prison rules. 

French Roulette:

This is similar to European Roulette, with an exception of two extra rules – “En Prison” and “La Partage”.

En Prison: In the en prison rule, a player can make this bet and recover their bet amount after a spin hits 0. Yet with the main bet being even-odds (i.e. high–low, even–odd, red-black).

La Partage: In French, partage means sharing in half. So, in the La Partage rule too, a player keeps half of their bet and loses the other half their bet. The bet can be an even-odds stake where the original spin is a zero. This is a side bet and helps a player to recoup the other half of their total bet amount. 

Both these rules increase players’ odds and reduce the house edge to as low as 1.35%. The single number odds in both European and French roulette is 1/37. 

American Roulette :

In this type of Roulette, there is a double 0 or 00 in addition to 0 and 1-36 numbers. This US version of roulette has a bigger house edge at 5.26% when compared to French and European roulette. Whereas, the odds of getting any single number is 1/38 and payouts is 35:1. However, in American Roulette, another difference is that if your ball sits on a 0 or 00. If you have not placed a bet on 0 or 00, then you lose the bet and the house wins the bet. 

Also, read the Roulette Winning Formula. 

Overall, European Roulette has better odds of winning than the other types of roulette games. 

Bets with the best Roulette Odds: 

Single number bet:

A single number bet is an inside bet with the best odds of winning. The best payout ratio in the game is 35:1. However, getting a single number is very slim. You may want to also place side bets with this main bet. Like you place bets on add/ even or red/ black. So, even if you do not win the main bet, you could still win some money. In a single bet, you also hit 0 or 00, which could spoil your chances of winning anything, as it is a house edge. 

Below are the three roulette wins: 

  • European Roulette – 48.6%
  • French Roulette – 48.6%
  • American Roulette – 46.37%

Dozen Bets:

This is an outside bet. In the dozen bet, you can choose a group of 12 numbers, like 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. The payout in this bet is 2:1. Here, you have better odds of hitting any number in the group of 12. The winning odds are 32.4% in European and French Roulette. Whereas, in American roulette, the odds are slightly low at 31.58%. 

Thus, you can increase 1/3rd chance of winning with a dozen bets. 

Number combination bets: 

A combination bet is an inside bet. Hitting a combination of numbers in roulette is more profitable. So, go with a combination of 2 or 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers. 2 number combinations have winning odds of 17:1, however, getting numbers in a combination is at a low of 5.4%. Yet this bet is much better than a single number bet. The higher the number combination, the better are your odds of winning, yet has a low probability. 

Let us look at the number combinations and odds of winning:

3 – 11:1 

4 – 8:1 

5 – 6:1 

6 – 5:1 

4 Roulette Strategies:


The Martingale System is very popular among professional gamblers. However, there are risks in using this system for new players. In this system, a player makes his bets double after a loss. This strategy is used to recoup the losses of the previous bet. Thus, the Martingale system can be very costly if you are not playing strategically and are on a losing streak. 


This system is the complete opposite of a Martingale System. Thus, in Paroli, a player increases the bet after every win. Using this strategy helps in increasing the win amounts. 


This system is similar to the Martingale system. The only difference here is that in the D’Alembert system, the increase in bets is slow and on a fairly flat line. Whereas, in the Martingale system, the bet amounts are doubled. 

This betting system is named after the French mathematician Jean Baptiste le Rond D’Alembert. There are always 50-50 chances that the bet may be won or lost. So this is risky like the Martingale system, yet less risky and so pretty popular among Roulette players. 


In the Fibonacci system, a low-risk strategy is in play. Here, you place even-money bets on odd/even, red/green, or in groups of numbers. There is a 50-50 chance of winning. 

For example, if you place the first two bets of $1 each, the 3rd bet will be for $1+$1 = $2, with a loss of $2+$2= $4. Then the 4th bet will be for $1+$2= $3, and the loss of $3 and the balance of $7. The 5th bet will be for $2+$3= $5. On this 5th bet, you may win $10, which gives you a total profit and balance of $10 – $7. 

Therefore, it can be said that Fibonacci is the safest Roulette strategy you can use that can bring you some wins. 


We can conclude that Roulette is a fun and exciting game when you know the basics of all the types of roulette games. Also, you must have a fairly good understanding of the inside bets and outside bets to maximize your wins. Thus, you may also want to use an effective winning strategy to increase your wins in roulette. 

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Roulette Odds FAQs: 

In which type of Roulette game there are better Roulette odds?

European roulette has better odds of winning than American Roulette or French Roulette. 

What are the best roulette odds of winning?

The best odds of winning at roulette is if you use a good strategy and place a mix of inside and outside bets. Like, a single number bet with an odd/even or red/black. You may even place bets on combination numbers and dozens. 

What is even or odd in casino roulette?

In Roulette, odds numbers are in red and even numbers are in black. 

Is 0 even or odd in roulette?

0 is neither odd nor even. It is in green meaning a house edge. However, you can place a bet on 0 to win money. 

What odds do you get on 0 in roulette?

You get 18:1 odds of winning when you bet on 0 and the ball stops at 0. 

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