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Ultimate Guide To Playing Rummy Games Online – A Complete guide

Rummy is an interesting game of skill. Rummy games are very popular in India. There are quite a few popular games to enjoy and play rummy online free with real money.

The game of rummy originated in the United States of America.

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How to play the card game rummy online?

Online rummy cash games work like the classic rummy game. The same rules apply, where a player builds melds of cards sets of the same kind or rank by drawing and discarding cards on two sets of card piles. A wild card is chosen at the beginning.

  • After the dealer deals the cards, the player on the dealer’s left start the game and they go clockwise.
  • After dealing the cards, the first deck is placed face down, with only the wild card which is face up.
  • A second pile is made from the discarded card of the players.
  • Show the cards where you display all your cards to the other players.
  • Once the cards are shown, the points are counted for the melds of cards you have made.
  • The best hands are those with lots of good scoring melds.
  • Once a player is successful in making valid sets from all the cards, then they can declare “rummy”.
  • When a player makes a set, they can ask to show, here all the players show their cards and add the scores.


The player can build meld cards or make sets using 3 or 4 cards (make sets). The sets can be made from different suits, but same rank or numbers. Like 3,3,3 (from different suits).

Sequence or Run

When a player makes a sequence of cards from the same suit, it is called a sequence or run. Like A,2,3 from Diamond Suit.

Pure sequence

A player can win the game of rummy with a pure sequence. They must have at least one pure sequence. Pure sequence is where you make a set of cards like 2,3,4 of heart suit without a wild card or joker.

Ranking by Suits

  • Spades is first highest suit.
  • Hearts is the second highest suit.
  • Diamonds is the third highest suit.
  • Clubs is the fourth highest suit.


A player who gets at least 2 sequences, with 1 pure sequence, can declare the rummy game.

Rummy with Wild Cards:

In rummy wild cards are very important. A wild card is picked randomly by the dealer at the beginning of the rummy game. If a player gets a wild card in their set of cards, then they score good points and also use the wild cards as substitutes for missing cards to build sets. Wild cards are worth 15 points each. Jokers are also wild cards.  For example 5 of diamonds is a wild card, you can use 5 of any suits as a wild card too and use it to make a sequence. To complete a game, a player can use 1 or more wild cards.

Number of players in rummy:

The minimum number of players in a rummy game is 2 and the maximum number of players is 6. Usually, in online rummy 13 cards are dealt to each player. But the number of cards dealt can change with the type of rummy game.

Top 5 online Rummy cash games Apps:

Check out the top online rummy cash games:

  1. Junglee rummy
  2. Rummy circle
  3. Gin Rummy Plus
  4. Kel Play Rummy
  5. Taj Rummy

Top tips and tricks to win at online rummy games:

  1. Choose the right rummy game to play

Choosing the right rummy game is crucial for you to win or lose in the long run. It is good to start with free-to-play games, as it gives you a good amount of practice to play with free money. Once, you understand the game and build a good amount of skill, then you can start playing with real money. There are also cash-based games that are ideal for experienced players.

Rummy also has tournament games, so if you are up for some challenges, then go for this. Just remember, tournaments are tough and require you to have higher skills, so an experienced player would benefit from it. It also requires big bets as it is a high-stakes game.

2. Sort the cards according to suit and color

When the dealer has dealt the cards, take a good look at all the cards. Start to arrange the cards according to suits. Some online games also have a ‘sort button’, so the cards automatically are sorted. Otherwise, you will need to sort the cards by dragging them cards. When you arrange the cards alternatively based on colors, then it is easy to manage them.

3. Make a pure sequence from the start

You must look to make a pure sequence from the start. A pure sequence is a sequence of 3 or more consecutive same suit cards. The pure sequence must not contain a joker or a wild card. Your aim must be to keep your points to be lowest by the end of the game.

4. Get rid of high-value cards

High-value cards are a big no in rummy. Make sure you get rid of cards like Ace, Jack, Queen, and King. Avoid creating sequences with these cards. High cards result in a high score at the end, and you don’t want that.

5. Wise use of Joker

In rummy, Joker is very important. It can make you a winner in an instant. Use them wisely, especially to complete a run or to create a sequence in combination with high scorecards.

6. Keep an eye on your opponent’s game

Like in any card game, even rummy requires you to keep an eye on your opponents. Keep a mental note of the cards they have discarded and accordingly think of a strategy as you play along.

7. Win the game by playing bluff strategy

The bluff strategy works in Rummy too like in Poker games. Hold cards when you can and discard cards that are useless to your opponents. You can also bluff your opponents to think that you are losing by discarding a few low scorecards. This may lead the opponents to think that you have a good hand and may be forced to fold and leave the game.

8. Know when to fold

Sometimes, you may not be lucky to create a good meld or sequence. Instead of keep on betting, it is better to fold early, otherwise, you will lose all the money you bet.

9. Practice makes you perfect 

Practice makes you perfect is true for rummy also. With practice, you build your skill and formulate some good strategies. Note the tips, tricks, and strategies down somewhere if you are a serious player and you may want to try these while playing your next game.

10. Watch online videos of star players playing the game

There are lots of videos available on YouTube, where you can look at experienced or professional players playing the games online. Here you can also make note of some tips and tricks they may share with the viewers. Use their strategies in the game next time you play and see how you win.


Rummy is a fun game and will keep you entertained and busy in 2021. When you build a good strategy and learn some really cool skills by practicing, you can start playing with real money.

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