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Satta King Bet India Honest Review – Play or Not?

Satta King India is the best website to play the best entertaining games. Satta in India means gambling where you guess any 6 or 8 numbers from 0 to 99. If you are lucky, then you can win lots of money. At My Casino Guru we have looked at the different areas of Satta King, like how to play, types of game, check results, etc.  

Usually, the popular Satta King games are Satta King Gali, Desawer, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, etc. There are many websites online that show the fastest and accurate Satta king results in real-time. 

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Satta King India Review: 

Satta King is popular in many Indian cities and towns and most of the lottery games are named after the cities they are played in. Some of the popular names you may have come across are Gwalior King, Patna City, Old Rajdhani, Shri Ganesh, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, New Punjab, Galli, Desawar. 

The website claims to provide quick and fast withdrawals. However, it is best to first try playing with a little amount and see how their withdrawal times are. 

What is Satta king? 

Satta King is a type of lottery game where players can choose based on numbers from 00 to 99. It is a popular game where a chit of the numbers is put in a pot and lucky numbers are randomly chosen. You can check the Satta Bazar chart to check the lucky numbers. 

Types of Satta King Games:

Satta King has lots of different betting and game-playing options. Satta games are played every day and you can keep a track of the past numbers. You can become regular players too if you are very good at the games. 

There are several Satta Matka games that are played in different markets. There are various games, like Morning Janta, Milan Day, Balaji Day, Mahalaxmi Day, Rajdhani Day, Kuber Balaji, Kalyan Matka, Principal Rattan Bombay, Delhi Rajdhani Day, Milan Night, etc. 

There are five main games played in each of these market sectors: Single, Jodi, Panna, Sangam, and Half Sangam. In each of these, you can choose 8-digit numbers, with wagering requirements. 

How to play Satta King Online?

Satta King is a pretty simple lottery game and anyone who is above 18 years of age can play the game. However, you have to make sure that you play responsibly. You must start playing with a small amount and then when you are confident, you can play the lottery games. 

In India, usually, Satta King is played with a lot of money and they can become rich in games. You can go through a reputed agent, who will buy the Satta King lottery tickets on your behalf. The Satta King company will then release the random winning numbers, and if your numbers match these, then you are the winner. 

In the Satta King game, when you choose the numbers between 00 to 99, then you can play the Jodi, Single, and Crossing games. 


  1. You can pick Satta Number from 00 to 99 like 23,34,45,52,22
  2. If your chosen numbers match the Satta King numbers, then you win 900x your bet amount. 


  1. You can pick Satta Number from 0 to 9 Ander(A) and Bahar(B) like 3A, 4B.
  2. If your chosen numbers match the Satta King results, then you win up to 90x your bet amount. 


  1. Meaning here you multiply 2 numbers. Like 3×3, so you choose 9 numbers. Or, 4×4, so you choose 16 numbers. 
  2. If your chosen numbers match the Satta King results, then you win up to 900x your bet amount.

How to Win a Satta King Game?

You can make good wins in Satta King if you follow the below instructions and are careful when you play the lottery: 

1. Understand why you are playing the game:

Many people who are serious gamblers, play the game to win money because they understand the probability of the numbers. However, many people play for entertainment and fun. You must always play with a strategy, choose the numbers carefully, and play the numbers consistently. 

2. Play one game at a time: 

You can play the Satta King game one at a time. Don’t play multiple games, since you will be risking a lot of money at once. Have a good lottery strategy and use that strategy to play one game at a time. 

3. Keep your expectations low:

Many times, when you play lottery games, you will already feel that you have fun with the lottery money. Sometimes, we have very high expectations and can buy a lottery ticket for a big amount. This is very risky to do and you might end up losing a lot of money. 

Just keep in mind that playing with a small lottery ticket amount is good, as you can play consistently and eventually win money after several attempts. 

4. Do not get carried away:

It is very important that you do not get carried away with the lottery games. Always make sure you have a set amount to spend on the lottery and do not get overboard. It is risky to simply play the game without a good number strategy. Wager on one or three numbers only, so that you win at least something. 

Satta King Results: 

There are many websites you can find online where you can check the Satta King results. There are many forum sites too where people, especially experts, share the numbers that could win. Prediction of Satta numbers is done but you cannot fully trust them. So, be very careful, however, you can still take their advice to see if the numbers they predict may come or not. 

Where to play Satta King Games?

Like we said earlier, Satta King games are played through brokers or agents. If you visit a reputed Satta King agent website, you can ask them to buy the ticket for you and choose the numbers. 

You can choose the different games and accordingly the agent will buy tickets for you. 

It is good to try different games every time and try to play multiple games every time, instead of playing just one game every time. Sometimes, trying different games will help you to know the probability of how the numbers may appear. 

Satta King App:

With the popularity of the Satta King game in India, many people also like to play the game on their mobile. You can download the Satta King App on your Android devices. There is also a Satta King apk that can be downloaded on your mobile, especially if you use an iOS device. 

When you have the Satta King App, it will help you to play the game from anywhere and anytime. However, the app has many Ads, so you may be quite distracted while playing on it. The app is free to download, so simply start playing, check game tips, results, charts, and much more.

The app also has a guessing forum, where you can participate in. Here you can make predictions and guesses about the numbers. You can also check other experts who share their prediction numbers, if you are consistent, you may also win money. 

Please be advised that gambling is illegal in India. However, if you are playing the Satta King games. You must comply with the country’s gambling laws. Satta King games are just for entertainment purposes, so please do not think you will immediately win when you play. It is risky. 

Satta King FAQs:

1. How to play the Satta King game?

You can play the Satta King game by predicting the numbers that will appear in the pot. If your numbers match with the random numbers from the Satta King pot, you win money. 

2. Can I play Satta King on mobile?

Yes, you can play Satta King on your mobile after you download the Satta King app on your Android devices. For iOS mobile devices, you can download the apk file from the Satta King website. 

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