When you are an avid cricket fan and want to use your knowledge to win profits, then sports betting is a good option to try. However, sometimes, you may not be able to predict a game and may lose your wins. The ingredient missing that resulted in your loss is cricket expert betting tips. Therefore, My Casino Guru team is your one-stop shop to get honest expert cricket betting tips and predictions to increase your odds of winning. 

How do our Experts provide you with Cricket betting tips?

Our experts from the cricket industry have thorough knowledge about the game. They possess the expertise to assess the upcoming matches of top international leagues as well as Indian regional cricket tournaments. 

Our experts cover all major cricket matches, like ODI Cricket World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup, IPL, The Ashes, and many more. They are also well aware of the various reputed sportsbooks that operate in India and the betting features and odds they provide. This knowledge and skill help our experts to maximize the wins for Indian players when they place live or in-play bets on online betting websites or apps. 

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My Casino Guru also brings to you cricket match predictions on the top run-scorers, top wicket takers, man of the match, most sixes, etc. 

Different Types of Free Spin Promotions you can claim:

Free spins are of two main types:

Experts look at various factors to provide accurate cricket betting tips:


The weather of the host city and country plays a very important role in how a match is played and the end result of a match. For example, if a match is played in Dubai, UAE, during September and October months, then the weather during the day is hot and dry and the temperature can range between 30 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees celsius. 

Different countries and cities have different weather conditions, so it is important to understand the general or seasonal type of weather. In addition, the wind directions also are important to predict how the ball is put by the bowling team and how many runs can the batsman pull off. 

Every team is different, usually the home team has an advantage over the visiting team if a match is held at a stadium of the home team. A slippery pitch or a dry pitch, can affect how each team plays. Usually, experts are able to predict the way the game can tilt towards one team. 

Live Match:

The live match has a different aura and liveliness to it. Live audience can also affect the morale of teams. Lately, with COVID-19 protocols, many matches are being held with a very limited audience or no live audience at all. 

Punters who do live betting or in-play betting, need to listen to the commentary and tips of experts very closely. As all these can affect the bets a punter places, if they do not pay attention to real-time outcomes, then they are at a huge loss. 

Best players

Every team is different and every team has a few star players. There are strengths and weaknesses of each player which an expert can assess based on the form of performance in previous matches. How a bowler or a batsman will react to the opponent players is crucial information that experts closely watch. Since it is a competitive sport, experts cannot take any chances and so assess and analyze every team and every player to provide an accurate prediction. 

Winning Team: 

An expert will be able to analyze the team which will have a bigger advantage over the opponent team based on team performance, players’ performances, and many more such factors. Sometimes, players of a visiting team are demoralized from the start thinking that they do not have a chance against the home team. However, if the visiting team shows confidence and strength from the start of the game, the home team can be at a disadvantage. So, it really depends on how the game progresses. 

Team’s form:

It is extremely important that a team’s form can be decisive in predicting if they win or not. Sometimes, a few key players may not be in form and that can directly affect the way other players play a game. If a key player is unwell or injured, that too can significantly put a team at to disadvantage. 

The quality of the pitch and Ground:

The quality of a pitch and the ground can tell how a game is played by different teams. Sometimes, a pitch may have had repairing work, which can affect the way teams play on it. Some teams can play really well on a dry pitch and a grass ground. Whereas, some teams and players may have problems with the lighting of a stadium. Yet, some teams can play really well in ODI’s on a particular pitch or stadium, whereas, some teams are good at test matches. So, it really depends on the quality of the pitch and ground. 

Overall, the surface of the pitch can determine if it is batting-friendly or not. If fast bowlers can benefit from taking early wickets and then spinners can use the bounce. Or an old ball turning can be good for spinners to take slower wickets in the middle overs of the game. 

Practice Matches: 

Practice matches are another very important factor that can help experts predict how a team could perform. During practice matches, many players may show that they are in form and this boosts the morale of other players. However, this can affect the opponent team’s players. So, every aspect of the game played before is important and must be paid attention to.

Player Line-ups: 

The teams have to reveal in advance the players who will be playing and the order of their batting. This is an early predictor as to which batsman can make the most runs. Or if we look at the bowlers, a fast bowler has the advantage of taking the important wickets of top batsmen from the opponent’s team. 

Toss of the game: 

The toss of the game is also vital to know which team will bat first and vice versa. Whichever team wins the toss, must make sure that the captain takes a sound decision. This will decide on the fate of the team and the game. 

Referee’s judging the game: 

The referee’s who judge a game of cricket match also matters. A referee must not have any bias against any team and must give an unbiased decision if the time comes. 

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Cricket Betting FAQs

How can I be successful in cricket betting?

You can find success in cricket betting when you have complete knowledge of the teams, players, pitch, weather, team rankings and performances. 

Which is the best match prediction and cricket betting tips site?

The best match prediction and cricket betting tips site is My Casino Guru. Here, you will get a 360-degree view of the game, players, teams and how the outcome of the game would be.