Mantra to win Lottery

Mantra to Win Jackpot or Lottery – Do they Really Work?

For gambling success, you need to win the jackpot and Kubera mantra, master the strongest lottery to win life-changing money. Wondering which kali mantra to use to witness sure results, well my casino guru has yet a way to figure out if they actually work. 

It’s no doubt that the lottery jackpot and gambling are games of luck with no element of skill. As long as luck is on your side or let’s use the common phrase you woke up on the right side of the bed. All in all, when playing the lottery, keep in mind that it is not your fault if you lose, or do not succeed, for so many people have tried and have gotten nothing. 

They also incurred huge losses and even if they keep playing, with no luck, they keep weakening their bank account. Some have come to the verge of losing all hope but you have to be aware that there are mantras powerful and effective to win in lottery games and score big jackpots. Other than applying winning formulas on casino games such as Andar Bahar, and Roulette, try applying these mantras in Lottery to check if you see any changes to your lottery winning streak. 

You don’t have to worry about getting bad results repeatedly and getting disappointments from your bad luck. Continue reading to find the perfect mantra for your lottery games that will change your gaming performance and win you real money at online casinos.

From our collection of lottery and gambling mantras, we will give you a cutting-edge and effective mantra that will help you win the lottery and gambling. Follow proper instructions and stay focused to implement them to get good results. 

Master these mantras by heart to be able to remember them when playing and devote yourself to winning. Rely on it to win the lottery and gambling jackpots that are run by online casinos in India. Reverse your bad luck with a good mantra.

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Kubera Mantra for Winning the Lottery

Kubera is the Lord of Wealth. The Kubera mantras are not resourceful when you chant them without faith. You have to believe it can work and put all your efforts into the activity for it is a crucial doctor that will work out the mantra for you. Mostly people chant the Kubera mantra when they are in financial losses. Or are about to sign a huge contract and want to attract good things to their life after they sign or win. 

Doing the Kubera mantra the right way brings you luck and good fortunes that will fulfill your wishes such as growing your financial stream. Chanting it with your heart and soul in it can open doors of joy into your life.

Follow this guide on the Kubera mantra that will get you extraordinary results. As long as you follow them strictly when playing and gambling in online casino games such as the lottery or lottery jackpots.

Below is the correct Kubera mantra pronunciations: 

oommjrii mmmjrii mmme


shru-iimmmo omm

First, if you want to attract online casino wins sit in a meditational pose. In the chanting mode, explore thoughts of how you want to win the jackpot and the money you want in your life. If you wish to buy a yacht, view yourself in the yacht enjoying the sea view and atmosphere or have that corner office with an ocean view that you have always wanted and would buy with the lottery or gambling winnings. You are meditating so feel free to explore your imagination and live it while chanting. 

Kali Mantra to Win the Lottery

Kali Shabar’s mantra is practiced for increasing good luck in the lottery numbers and jackpots in online casinos such as Uwin, Fun88, SattaKing and Cricsbet, and many others. It is effective in winning lotteries, jackpots, and other forms of gambling. The Shabar mantra should be performed with the permission of the guru to ensure its full effectiveness. 

Here is the procedure to chant the mantra:

  1. Ensure it is a no-moon night.
  2. Clean yourself and dress in black clothes for the activity.
  3. Prop the image of maa kali in front of you.
  4. Worship kali with incense and red-colored flowers.
  5. In front of the picture of Kali, place a lit oil lamp that faces the west side and uses sesame oil.
  6. Offer a coconut, a red flower, and a red-colored sweet.
  7. Chant the mantra 108 times while facing the south. 
  8. Break the coconut after sunrise and make a sweet with it. Share the sweet with a cow. 
  9. Chant this mantra repeatedly for 7 nights.

When the days are completed, chant the mantra 21 times before you purchase the lottery ticket or play the jackpots. After winning, plant five creepers and take care of them.

The mantra is written for you below:

“Chet Mai Chet Mai Kalka ChetaveTeraBalkaSoteKoJagaJagteKoBaithaSatteKa Number AaneKa Bata Duhai Guru Gorakhnath Ki NathJiKoAadesh”

Performing this mantra with focus and sincerity brings you sure wins. Doing it for fun or jokes may bring bad luck into your life. The kali mantra has proven effective for many people who have won the lottery after chanting the mantra and that has brought happiness into their lives.

Mantra for Successful Gambling

This mantra works to bring you lots of money followed up with success after success. Other than other online casino game winning formulas, it is also resourceful in all kinds of gambling and lottery online casinos games. It improves your luck in winning and presents success in your endeavors; careers, business, or mergers. This happens in increased sales, a promotion, or a bonus, after chanting the mantra. Also, you may stumble upon money in mysterious ways such as finding cash on the roads, receiving money from another person, finding lost money in the house, or the jean’s pocket. The magic works perfectly to gain gambling success.

Changes will be evident after a few days. Follow this mantra:

-The way you should pronounce the mantra for gambling success

oomm jriimmm jriimmm

eiim shru-iimmm

shru-iimmmo omm.

-Repeat the mantra every day 108 times a day.

-Recite the mantra more than one mala; to get quicker results.

-Chant the mantra 108 times to become one mala. 

Tantrik Laxmi Mantra

The secret of this mantra is that it is done on the night of Diwali. The Sadhana is considered the most powerful wealth and material gifts giver. 

Here’s how to chant the mantra:

After Midnight, on the night of Diwali, sit on a black Indian blanket called the Kambli.

Keep an image or idol of Laxmi on the blanket.

Light 10 diyas- earthen lamps filled with ghee and lit with a cotton wick.

Recite this mantra as many times as you can, continuously.

Repeat the mantra for the next 10 days.

The mantra comes in handy for businessmen and gamblers for it influences positive vibrations that create wealth.

Om Namo Bhagwati Padmashree 

Om Hreem Purva Dakshin

Uttar Paschim Dhan Dravya Aave

Sarvajanya Vaishyam Kuru Kuru Namah ll.


On My Casino Guru exclusive content today we highlighted the various mantras that casino players and gamblers can use to win big in online casino games such as the lottery and other casino games based on the element of luck. If you believe then you can practice either of the mentioned mantras to kickstart your winning streak at the leading online casinos in India.

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