Government Lottery in India

Government Lottery in India – Guide to choose the best

History of the government lottery in India

Online lotteries are not new to Indians because the state government has run lotteries for years. After all, it is legal in 13 of the 28 states. The state government of Kerala led the way to today’s lottery popularity in India in the year 1967. After that, the country banned private lotteries, giving the individual states full control over lotteries. Kerala State Lotteries inspired many other states that they launched and started their own. 

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The Indian lotteries can be played in these states: Goa, Sikkim, Punjab, Assam, West Bengal, Mizoram, Maharashtra, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Meghalaya, and Nagaland. Each Indian state decides whether the lotteries should be legal or not legal but the public ban does not prove effective in today’s times. For now, players can take part in the lotteries online. Thanks to the online gambling revolution, now players can access the lottery from around the globe. Some states like Tamil Nadu tried to stop its growth by banning Google Pay, for it was the primary payment gateway of the lotteries by Indian players. 

Clearly, the Indian lotteries generate quite a hefty revenue that boosts the economy of the states. For example, in 2017-2018, Kerala summed up a good and service tax of up to Rs 908 Crore; state revenue of Rs 1691 Crore. The government lottery in India is popular because of the online play factor and the availability of cost-effective tickets. Though they are not performing as the state expects, they are implementing some strategies to be at par with other online lotteries by making themselves readily available on the internet.

Government Lotteries

Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is one of India’s most-played lotto games. The lottery has three draws a day, with jackpots ranging between 25 lakh to 31 lakh.

It is easy to play, and tickets cost only 6 Rs. Tickets can be purchased in the 13 states where the government lottery is legal. 

Sikkim State of Lottery

Another government lottery is the Sikkim State lottery. It has weekly, daily draws. The bumper lottos are available; a maximum of 6 times a year. The state also runs other draws, such as the Bigwin jackpot. 

Lotteries of the Sikkim State are Dear Smart, Dear Breeze, Dear Wake, Dear Bloom, Dear Fresh.

Punjab State Lottery

The Punjab State Lottery focuses on more giant bumper lotteries such as the Diwali bumper, Holi bumper, New Year Lohri bumper. The lottery has no weekly draws. 

Kerala Bumber Lottery

The type of lotteries offered in Kerala is Bumper Lotteries. They take place at different times of the year. The cost of bumper tickets is around 100 or 200 Rs. Examples are the Monsoon bumper lottery, Pooja bumper lottery, Summer bumper lottery. 

Types of Draws

The government lottery of India offers these types of draws:

Regular Draw: They sell tickets in a short period and award small prizes.

Bumper Draws: You can find them around the holiday season. The tickets are costly, but the rewards are more significant with jackpots up to 10 Crore.

How to buy government lottery tickets

The state lotto tickets can be bought from retailer lottery stands. The lottery being legal in that state, it is easy to find the vendors who are selling. They buy and resell the tickets for some profit. 

The Indian players are advised to be alert not to purchase counterfeit tickets. There has been a problem or rising lotto scams since it’s easy to replicate fake ones. The government has no official vendors, which is why the number of frauds has increased. This is where players run to online lotteries on licensed and regulated online casinos that run safe lotteries. 

How to claim the jackpot?

It is time-consuming to claim the government lottery jackpot depending on the lotto you played. The government lottery will require certain documents to be filled and submitted. 

For example, in the Kerala Lotto, you need to do and submit the following to claim your winnings. 

  1. Contact the lottery head office to claim. 
  2. Have with you the photostat copy of the winning ticket with your signature, both sides. 
  3. Take 2 passport size photographs .
  4. Share the signed copy of your PAN card.
  5. Also the signed document to prove your identity: Driving License, Passport, Ration card, Voter’s ID or the Aadhar card. 

Best State Lottey vs Online Lottery 

Indian players interested in the lottery have to choose between the government state lotteries and the international online lotteries offered by online casinos. This may be a tough choice to make because both can suit you depending on what you are looking to get out of lotteries – money! You can compare the Indian government lotteries with the lotteries in Indian online casinos on My Casino Guru to learn more. 

Take a look at the pros and cons of these two lotteries as simplified by My Casino Guru and identify what kind of lotto they would prefer. 

Let’s start with the positives: 

Government Lottery ProsOnline Lottery Pros
Lottery tickets are cheap.The payouts are quick.
So many vendors to buy the ticket from.They have progressive Jackpots
They have special bumper lotteries.Buying lottery tickets online is easy and safe.

Here are the negatives: 

Government Lottery ConsOnline Lottery Cons
It is characterized by small jackpotsThe lottery tickets are more expensive.
The chances of buying fake tickets are high.Players need some tech knowledge to operate.
The payout process is long and complicated.The fees are small.

In Indian government lotteries, the players don’t have to be tech-savvy or spend much money on lotteries, you just buy a ticket and play to enter the draw. In contrast, online lotteries suit players who have busy schedules and won’t be able to run to the vendor to purchase a ticket when they could just do it on the mobile in an instant. The players here are chasing progressive jackpots. 

Features of the Government lottery

Paper Lottery: All the states run paper lotteries offline.

Live streaming: Not all the states in India participate in streaming the lottery draws, winners, etc. But a few, like Manipur, Nagaland, Kerala, West Bengal, and Arunachal Pradesh, participate in live streaming. 

Ticket prices: The minimum price of a government lottery ticket in India is 2 Rupees and the maximum price is 40 Rupees.

Prizes amount: The price ranges vary depending on the state lottery; some have 5.25 Crore, 7 Crore, others 26.03 Lakhs, five Lakhs. The prizes of these government lotteries are not the same.

Results: The results are published on the official websites, in leading newspapers and gazettes, on social media handles, or other authorized sites to announce the draws.

The number of schemes: Every state lottery has a variety of schemes. Goa has 5, Sikkim – 14, Punjab -16, Assam – 13, West Bengal – 13, Mizoram – 14, Maharashtra – 10+, Manipur – 21, Arunachal Pradesh – 7, Madhya Pradesh – unknown, Kerala 14, Meghalaya – unknown, and Nagaland -4.

Future of government lotteries of India online

With the competition the government lotteries of India face in 2021, they will have to step up and improve their lottery to match the gameplay of online lotteries. We would name them, but we are afraid you might not get to the end of the list. The government lottery having the upper hand of the law will find a way to control online lotteries. And also, being the government’s gambling addiction cases are also their concern. They will implement a way to regulate the participation of India in the Lotteries. And provide safe ways that players can obtain lottery tickets.


The popularity of the government lotteries of India has brought about so many online lotteries that offer the best prizes and run progressive jackpots for players to win. Currently, there are so many Indian online casinos such as Lucky Niki, Cricsbet, Jeetwin, Casino Days, Genesis, Uwin, Jackpot City, etc, that offer lottery games and progressive jackpots. The beauty of online casinos is the hassle-free and safety of not losing money when purchasing a lottery ticket. But that does not mean that you don’t try your luck on Indian government lotteries because they have their perks as well. Play offline or online to stand a chance to win life-changing cash prizes.

Government Lotteries FAQs

Can I play the government lottery in India for free?

No, you cannot play the government free lottery in India. To take part in the lottery, you have to purchase the ticket from authorized vendors if you are in a state that the lottery is legal. To play the free lottery in India, visit online sites that offer welcome bonuses to new players. 

Which is the biggest government lottery in India can I play?

The state government of Kerala has the biggest lottery called the Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery and the state runs this lottery every year. 

Are Indian State lotteries legal?

Yes, they are. Indian state lotteries are backed by the governments hence legal. But this is not the case in all states; only 13 states have made it legal. The other Indian states have not yet legalized government lotteries in India. 

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