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What Lottery numbers are lucky and how to become a CrorePati?

What lottery numbers are lucky? My Casino Guru experts often get asked this question by lottery players. When you think about lotteries, you feel an adrenaline rush and a gut inside you want to try your luck at a Lottery.

But, how do you know which numbers will work and if they are enough to make you a Crore Pati?

Well, we have this covered for you. Our Tips and Tricks will help you decide the lucky numbers to choose and win big money.

What lottery numbers are lucky?

So, here are 4 cool ways to choose lottery numbers and try your luck are:

1. Choose numbers that frequently appear in the past:

It is always good to guess the closest numbers when you look at the past winning numbers. Usually, lotteries can have a pattern, so studying a little bit about the past patterns from past years is a good way to start. Technically, some number experts have a few sets of numbers that usually appear to win in the lotteries are 7, 10, 12, 32, 24, and 48.

2. Use the Delta System:

Follow the Delta Lotto system to see the pattern and frequencies of numbers. In this, you pick smaller numbers or delta numbers from the last winning lottery numbers. This will help you get a new set of delta numbers that can be lucky next time you pay for a lottery.

Actually, you will be surprised to know that there is a 90% chance that the delta numbers will not be more than 15. So, picking numbers between 1 – 15 is much better than choosing numbers between 1 – 49. You just need to do your math right!!!

3. You can choose some personal favourite numbers:

You can also choose some personal favorite numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, house numbers, and more.

4. Find the right jackpots:

Find the right jackpot is very important. You can choose a jackpot that is at least three times large as the number of combinations. So, this gives you a bigger amount to win.


Lottery numbers work on luck as much as on probability. So, understanding the pattern of the numbers will help you come up with the right numbers. It can take some years to get the right combination. You may not be able to win right away, but it is like the trial-and-error method. We wish you have all the luck in the world to be the next Lottery Winner.

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