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Easily Learn How to Play Casino Card Game within 10 Minutes

Casino card games are fun, but knowing how to play them is a must. If you know online card game rules, you can expect an engaging game time. You should not only know basic casino card game rules but also know all the other rules to stay one step ahead of your in-game opponents. Casino is easy to learn and is a basic fishing game, where a player tries to score points by capturing certain cards.

If you have watched a casino card game being played online or at a physical location, you must have been fascinated by the game. Understand the important rules in under 10 minutes and start playing.

Basic Casino Rules

The basic thing about casino is capturing cards. To win cards, a player needs to match a card in his/her hands to a card that is placed on the table. The main aim of a casino is to score 21 points or more, unlike blackjack. Following subsections will explain casino card game in a simplified way.

Players and Cards

The casino game is played between two to four players with a standard 52-card deck. 52 cards are evenly distributed among 4 players. The game can be played individually or in partnership of 2.


The dealer is selected from the players gathered. Every player selects a card from a freshly shuffled deck, and the one who draws the lowest value card becomes the dealer. If there is a tie, the involved players must continue the process until the tie is broken. The dealer then deals the 2 cards to the middle and 2 to all the players including him or her. This process is done twice, now every player has 4 cards.

The remaining cards are set aside as a stock, and the four cards placed in the middle face upwards. The dealer continues to deal four more cards till the time deck gets spent. Dealer calls “last” when dealing the final set of cards.


First and the most easy way to win cards is pairing. A player just needs to match a card in the middle with a card in his/her hand. Equivalent ranked face cards can be matched with one another.

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The second way for a player to win cards is by calling them. When a player has a matched pair of cards, he can place it in the middle, provided that he has another card of the same kind in his hand.

For example, if a player has a pair of 8s and there is one more 8 in the middle of the table, then that player can place one of his/her 8 onto the middle 8, and call 8. If another player has a 8 in his or her hand, they can choose to pick up the called 8. If not, the original player can use the 8 in his/her hand to pick up the pair of 8 on the table.


The third way to capture a card is by building. To build a match, a player has to combine any card he/she is holding with a card on the table. The combination of this build should be equal to the value of any other card in a player’s hand.

For example, for example let us say a player is holding a 5 and a 7 in their hand, and there is a 2 in the middle of the table. Then this player can play the 5 in his/her hand on the 2 to build 7.

Remaining players can pick the build 7 or add more cards to the middle of the table. If no other player takes the required action, the original player can pair the build 7 with the 7 in his/her hand. Cards in the build are treated as a single unit.

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Card Values and Scoring

Values of cards may be very different from what you might expect. Aces are worth 1 point each, while face cards do not have any numeric value associated with them. The 2 of Spades is called ‘Little Casino’, while the 10 of diamonds is called ‘Big Casino’.

If a player is not able to match any cards in a particular round, that player needs to place one of their cards into the middle. A player who runs out of cards has to wait for other players to run out of cards as well. Once all players run out of cards, the dealer issues four more cards to all players at one time.

Following is a point value associated with proper scoring in a casino game

  • 3 points for a player who wins the most cards.
  • 2 points for a player who wins 10 of Diamonds (Big Casino).
  • 1 point for a player who wins 2 of Spades (Little Casino).
  • 1 point for a player who wins the most spades.
  • 1 point for a player who wins an ace.
  • The remaining cards are counted as per their numeric value.

Player who reaches 21 points or higher wins the game, irrespective of the rounds played. If two players reach 21 points in the same round, the player with maximum points wins the game. If there is a tie for most points, another round must be played to decide the winner.

Now that you are aware of casino card game, you can try playing it online on trusted online casino games platforms. To check for such trusted platforms do visit my casino guru, where you will get detailed understanding of different trusted casino platforms online.


  1. Which platform should I choose while playing a casino game?

You should pick a trusted platform. To check whether a platform is trusted or not, you can visit my casino guru for detailed understanding.

  1.  Should I play free and practice casino games before going for cash ones?

Yes, it is recommended that you go with free and practice games first. This will help you understand the game and platform better.

  1. Can I win real cash in an online casino game?

Anyone who uses his/her skills, can win real cash in an online casino game.

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