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Maximise your Casino Bonus Winnings with Top 10 Casino Bonus Tips

Online casino bonuses is something that you might have heard of or played cash games with. You can use such bonuses to play games without having to deposit real cash from your pocket. With bonuses, it is “the more, the merrier”.

There are various types of bonuses such as:

  • Sign up bonus
  • Welcome bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Free Bonus
  • Cash Bonus

Before you choose any online casino website or app, make sure you go through their promotions page and check bonuses. Once you know about bonuses, try to capitalise and win bonuses wherever possible. But how will you maximise your bonus? Well, following are a few tips that will give you a clear understanding of how to maximise your casino bonus winnings.

1. Check maximum amount and bonus percentage

Consider an online casino website that offers a welcome bonus of 150% on your first deposit. Now, when you deposit ₹100, you will get a bonus of ₹150. Now, you will have a total of ₹250 in your wallet.

There are casinos that may offer more than 150% bonuses as well. Compare different casino apps and websites to see which one offers the best online casino bonus in the industry.

2. Know the bonus terms and conditions around wagering

The first thing that you should do is read the terms and conditions of any bonus that is offered by your favourite casino platform. You should know what are the wagering requirements; knowing them will give you an edge, as then you can choose a bonus wisely.

To make it easy, let us have a look at the following example:

Suppose you get a 200% bonus up to ₹100 whose wagering requirement is 35x the bonus. If you have to make the full use of the offer, you need to deposit ₹50. Now, your starting balance would be ₹150 (₹50 deposit + ₹100 bonus). As per the wagering requirement, you would need to wager 35 * ₹100 = ₹3,500 before you can cash out the bonus money.

3. Know how games contribute to the wagering requirements

Different games will contribute different percentages to the bonus wagering requirements. Some games contribute 0% while some go to 100%. There are games such as video poker, roulette, and blackjack who contribute a low percentage.

Check the terms and conditions of the bonus to find out more details. If you don’t find the required information in the terms and conditions section, you can always contact the customer support team of the casino platform that you are playing on.

4. Don’t be an Advantage Player or Bonus Abuser

While casinos love new players, they won’t entertain any bonus abusers. Many online casinos have great welcome offers in place, but if you try to take unethical advantage of such bonuses, you can get banned from the platform. There are systems in place by which casinos identify bonus abusers or advantage players. Check bonus terms and conditions to be on a safer side.

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5. Choose low to medium variance slots

Choose low to medium slots if you want to have a great chance of cashing out casino bonuses. Some of the examples of medium variance slots are Queen of Gold, Piggy Riches, and Alladin’s Treasure. You should avoid high variance slots such as Reactoonz and Raging Rhino.

6. You can decline a bonus

No player is obligated to take a bonus that is offered by the casino platform. Players are tempted to take all bonuses, as they see them as an opportunity to maximise the winnings without having to invest their money. However, if you do not want to go through the hassle of wagering requirements, you can decline a bonus.

7. Check your progress

If you are on a winning streak and think that you have made more than enough profit, check your wagering progress before cashing out. Online casinos allow you to track your progress, so that you get an idea of when to cash out. If you visit the withdraw page, and see that the amount you can withdraw is zero, then you have not yet reached the wagering requirement.

8. Go for free spins without wagering requirements

Free spins are great, but they should not come with some wagering requirements. With free spins, you can win a good amount of money and try new slots. If there is no wagering requirement, you can cash out your winnings from free spins.

9. Do not play at casinos only for a bonus

The most frustrating feeling is when you find out that there is an upper limit of bonus that you can withdraw, especially if you want to withdraw your welcome bonus amount. Some casinos can also tend to make the bonus withdrawal process tedious. While bonus is an important factor when choosing an online casino platform, it is not the only factor. Make sure that you select a safe and reliable casino.

10. If you win big, you can forfeit the bonus!

Many players like to play with their money, and once they have exhausted the money, they go for a bonus. What if you make decent money without using the bonus? In such a case, you can choose to leave, as you do not need to go through the hassles of meeting wagering requirements of a bonus.


Now you know that you must check terms and conditions of every bonus, how to avoid being a bonus abuser, and the slots to play to have the best chances of meeting the wagering requirement. If you want to find more about bonuses of different casino platforms, you can check my casino guru website.


  1. Where can I find the best casino bonuses?

You need to do a bit of research to find out the best online casino bonuses or you could visit reliable websites.

  1. Are bonuses an important factor while choosing a casino platform?

Yes, bonuses are an important factor while choosing a casino platform, but not the only one.

  1. Is every bonus beneficial?

This is a subjective question. You should go through terms and conditions of every bonus to find out whether that bonus will add any value.

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