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Which One is Better ? Online Rummy or Teen Patti Online Game ?

If you have ever played a card game, you must have surely tried your hands at Rummy and Teenpatti. These two games are very popular card games, as they offer an engaging playing experience. Both Rummy and Teenpatti can be played online, and the online version is just as exciting as the offline one. In fact, with online versions, you have a chance to play with top-class players across the globe and can also win massive rewards.

Rummy, a popular skill-based game, can test your analytical and cognitive abilities. The game of teenpatti revolves more around luck, so you don’t need to think a lot while playing teenpatti online games. In India, during many festivals, you will see family & friends enjoying the festivities by playing card games. The online presence of card games like rummy and teenpatti means that these two card games are most played in India. When it comes to popularity, online rummy games lead the way.

Indian Rummy

Indian rummy, a very popular version of rummy in India, comes in three variations; deals rummy, pool rummy, and points rummy varieties. When you play rummy online, you will need to formulate a lot of strategies and tactics. Even if you are new to online rummy, it is not that difficult to understand the online rummy game rules, as many platforms will provide practice games and free rummy tutorials.

52 cards are used in an online rummy game and is generally played between 2 to 6 players, where the main aim is to make a valid declaration first. Each player is dealt with 13 cards, and the player has to make a valid arrangement that comprises sets and sequences.

Teen Patti

If you have played poker, you must be familiar with Teenpatti online games. Teen Patti, also known as Indian Poker, is one of the most popular variations of poker. Teenpatti has a short duration, thanks to only 3 cards dealt to players. Aces hold the highest power, where having 3 aces is equivalent to having a Royal Flush in Poker. 

After playing an ante wager at the start of a game, each player receives three cards. A player has to then decide whether to continue or withdraw the game. Players who decide to continue playing, have the option of becoming visible or blind. A player who goes with a blind option, will not be able to see cards. Players who blind are only required to match half of their bets, provided that other players view their cards. In poker, players have the option to fold or raise their cards.

Final Verdict

Teen patti is a quick and enticing game, where you will meet many like-minded players while playing online. Teen Patti is more of a luck-based game as opposed to online rummy, which is more of a skill-based game. The game of Teen Patti includes wagering until two players are left.

Benefits of Playing Online Teenpatti Games

The popularity of online Teenpatti games have skyrocketed, especially in recent times, where working from home has become the new normal. The game is so simple to learn and offers unmatched fun, the reason why it is loved across the world.

  1. In online teenpatti games, your opponents cannot detect your next moves based on your movements, as they are not able to see your face and gestures.
  2. Play for Free

There are many Teen Patti games online where you can play for free and hone your skills. The advantage that you have is that you can get a deep understanding of the game without the fear of losing the game.

  1. Social Interaction

Even if the Teen Patti game is now online, you can meet new and like-minded players across the globe. The social interactions that you have with such players will help you understand how they think about the game.

  1. Playing from comfort of your home

Now you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to play your favourite online game, Teen Patti. You can have a relaxed weekend at your home, while playing online Teen Patti games.

Teen Patti is a card game that is influenced by the 3-card Poker game and the historic British card game Brag. Some reasons why Teen Patti has become one of the favourite online card games are better gaming efficiency, amazing bonuses, high chances of winning, comfort of playing, security, and the multiplayer feature.


  1. Should I play online rummy or Teen Patti online games?

If you have an idea and interest, you can play both the games. Choose a game that best suits your gaming needs.

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  1. Which are top online casinos where I can play online Teen Patti games and online rummy?

To know which online casino platforms to go for, see reviews about the same on My casino guru, and then decide which platforms to go for.

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