KBC Lottery Review

KBC Lottery – Beware! Read a detailed review

A lottery is one of the most played games in India. Indians actually love winning lotteries, even if it is a very small amount. So, there is no surprise in it when you get a WhatsApp message saying that you have won the KBC lottery worth Rs. 25 lakhs. 

Yes, this is a new scam called the KBC Lottery that many Indians are falling prey to. The idea behind is the same as previous such scams, lure innocent Indian citizens with a lottery amount and ask them to do the KBC JIO lottery registration by paying a registration fee. 

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KBC Lottery Fraud: 

After many complaints by fraud-struck citizens to cybercrime cells across India and registering cyber fraud cases, it is known that the scammers come from foreign countries. The international numbers used start with +92 (Pakistan) and +11 (North America)

KBC and Reliance JIO do not hold any such draws. So, please do not believe such claims. 

Upon investigation by many news agencies and police departments across the country has revealed a few common traits of the scamsters: 

  • Send a message to a random Indian mobile number via WhatsApp and Telegram. 
  • The message is sent from international numbers starting with +92 and +11
  • In the message, it is said your number was chosen in the KBC lottery winner list.
  • And you have won a KBC 25 lakh lottery.
  • To claim the lottery amount you need to call a KBC lottery (fake) WhatsApp number. 
  • The WhatsApp number is said to be connected to the Mumbai SBI branch that is in link with KBC (Fake). 
  • When the processing fee is paid, one can avail of the KBC lottery money.

Beware of KBC Lottery scam: 

It is very important that citizens must be very careful of such scams. If anyone calls to say that you have won a lottery and want you to deposit a fee, just be sure that the person calling you is a scammer. 

According to the cyber authorities in India, such crimes are happening everywhere India. Many cybercrime branches have warned their citizens to be vigilant. For example, the Delhi cybercrime cell, Meghalaya police, etc. have received complaints about this particular KBC Lottery scam. After which, the police departments have shared awareness campaigns on Twitter and other social platforms for citizens. 

We at My Casino Guru understand the graveness of this situation and urge our readers to be careful. Immediately alert the local police authorities if you or anyone you know have received this kind of message. Since the perpetrators are outside India, the cybercrime cell can only warn the citizens. 

Spread this message by sharing our blog as much as possible, so that people refrain from falling into such scams. 

Precautions to avoid KBC Lottery scam: 

  • It is very important that everyone needs to take precautions and not fall into fraud. 
  • Do not respond to the messages by WhatsApp or Telegram and do not call. When you avoid contact with the tricksters, they cannot fool or convince you to send you money. We know it can be tempting to pay just a small fee compared to being on the KBC lottery winner 2020 25 lakh list. Later, you will not receive any call or no money is transferred to your account. 
  • Just keep in mind, if anyone is asking you to transfer even a small amount upfront is a complete fraud. Please do not transfer any amount. Even if they say that you can also get a chance to meet Mr. Amitabh Bachchan!!! 
  • Some people who have transferred the processing fees have lost more money from their banks, as their bank details are compromised. If you see any fraudulent activity in your bank account, immediately inform the bank so that they can stop any further fraud. 
  • Avoid using or sending your personal information on WhatsApp or Telegram or any other social media websites. 
  • My Casino Guru had also come across some websites that have a list of KBC lottery number checks and asked people to check the KBC JIO lottery winner 2021 list today. These are fake sites, so please do not go to these sites or enter any important details like your name, registered phone number or email address, etc. Such sites may ask you for such information and use this information to hack into your bank account via net banking, etc. 
  • Whenever you are unsure of a number if it is fake, check it on the online mobile tracker software. The real destination of the number along with the operator can be viewed there. 

How to check if a lottery message is fake?

1. When you receive a message to inform you that you have won a lottery or a prize is 100% fake. Unless it is a lottery draw you entered on a genuine state website lottery. For example, Sikkim State Lottery or Punjab State Lottery, or Kerala State lottery, etc. 

2. The other way to detect they are fraud is that the messages have lots of grammatical mistakes and poor drafting. Just by looking at it, you can detect that the message is fake. 

3. You must immediately discuss such matters with your family or friends who may have come across such scams or have knowledge about it. A second or third opinion can also help you to remove the greed blind you are wearing!!

4. Ask yourself, why are they charging a fee in advance to give the lottery money? You will immediately understand that no genuine lottery house or website will ask winners for any amount upfront. If they are asking something like this, they are definitely fraud. 

5. If you do end up calling the number, and the caller uses a fake accent or talks as if they are reading a script, know that they are a fraud. They will also ask you to keep this a secret and not inform anyone and simply pay the processing fee. This is very fishy, so immediately hang up and inform the authorities. 


Therefore, KBC Lottery is a fraud and you must completely avoid and ignore any such messages. 

You must only visit a genuine lottery website or legal state lotteries or online casino sites where a lottery is offered. Only play genuine lotteries and use the Lottery winning formula to predict lottery numbers and win real money. 

KBC Lottery FAQs: 

1. What is the KBC Lottery?

KBC Lottery is a fake lottery that is run by scammers. In this, you will receive a message on WhatsApp and Telegram congratulating you on winning the KBC Lottery worth Rs. 25 Lakhs and call a WhatsApp number to claim your prize money. Once a person calls this number, you will be asked to pay them a processing fee and they will transfer the prize money into your account. Many Indians have been duped with lakhs of rupees in this scam. 

How to avoid the KBC Lottery Scam? 

The best way to avoid such a scam is to avoid opening such messages, especially when it is coming from an unknown number that is not in your contact list. Immediately inform your local cyber fraud cell or the police, so that they can spread the message to other citizens to be vigilant. 

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