Sikkim Golden Keno

How to Play & Win Sikkim Golden Keno to Win – A Complete guide

The origin story of Keno is over 3,000 years old where it was played in ancient China during the Han Dynasty. Keno became popular among the masses, and both royalty and Chinese citizens played the game for fun and some rewards. Since then, Keno has become popular in many parts of the world and India, it is known as Sikkim Golden Keno.

Sikkim Golden Keno is an exciting, entertaining, and easy to play the game with the potential for big payouts. You can play this game online, in a casino, or through a local authorized retailer. To play Sikkim Golden Keno, you can even use your lucky numbers or dates.

What makes Sikkim Golden Keno unique is that you can choose the winning numbers you want to try and match. Every number you choose is a ‘spot’, and the more you can match, the bigger the prizes.

The trick of the game lies in balancing the odds of winning with the amount of prize money that is possible to win.

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Thus if you are unaware of how to play Sikkim Golden Keno to win, this article by My Casino guru will help you. Here we have mentioned the rules of playing Keno, the secret patterns, and our audience’s most frequently asked questions. 

Let’s start by talking about,

How to Play Keno

Keno is a simple game that offers more chances of winning than any other lottery game as you can choose how many numbers to match. However, different platforms or providers may offer multiple variations of the game, but they all follow the same rules. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on Sikkim golden keno lottery.

1. Select your spots

The first step is to select the numbers or ‘spots’; you want to try and match. Commonly, you can choose 1-10 spots, but some providers or platforms may also allow you to choose more than just 1-10. Once you have selected the relevant number, you will have to confirm the number of spots you want to play.

2. Choose your numbers

In a Sikkim Golden Keno game, you can pick numbers between 1 and 80 and select based on the number of spots you want to play.

In a typical keno game, you can draw twenty numbers. The objective of the game is to match your numbers with the winning set. The more numbers you are able to match, the bigger will be the prize.

3. Choose your bet amount

Sikkim Golden Keno allows you to choose the wager amount. In most Keno games, you can bet up to 10 times that amount to increase your prize money.

For example, a Keno provider may set a minimum bet of Rs. 10 per ticket and a top prize for a 10-spot game of Rs. 20 lakh. According to this, you could bet twice the minimum amount to win Rs. 40 lakh and so on.

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Sikkim Golden Keno Strategy Patterns

Just like all other lotteries and games, getting a fantastic Sikkim golden keno result requires a lot of luck combined with strategies. However, there is no sure way to win the game, but here are some of the most popular Keno-winning systems that people use.

Keno Consecutive Numbers 

Now, we don’t know how effective this trick is, but people use it for winning the Sikkim Golden Keno game. The secret behind this game is that you pick numbers in sequence rather than random numbers.

However, some prefer to follow a pattern where they prefer to skip one number, picking 2,4,6,8,10, etc., while others prefer to use the Fibonacci sequence.

The Keno Double Up Strategy

The double-up strategy involves doubling up your previous losing bet amount. For instance, if you bet $1 on the first card and lose, then you should bet $2, followed by $4, and so on.

However, we believe that this strategy is not ideal for this game. Why you may ask? Well, Firstly, you have a much smaller chance of hitting your number. Secondly, if you do not get the number you opted for, you might end up losing the money faster than you thought, and lastly, you could end up placing bets that are not required.

Reduced Keno Betting Systems

In reduced keno betting, you play a game of multi-card Keno and with different combinations of the numbers you choose. For instance, if you bet with six numbers that will be played across four cards, you can use any keno trick to pick your numbers and randomly play them.

Thus, If you play $1 per game, the total cost will be $4, and the hope is either of your combinations wins.

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Sikkim Golden Keo results in amazing rewards and prizes when one knows how to play with numbers. Along with a little bit of luck and understanding of the game, you can quickly master the game and enjoy playing Sikkim Golden Keno.

To make it easier for the players to understand the rules of Sikkim Golden Keno, My Casino Guru has come up with an easy guide in detail above. It incorporates the rules and strategies that we believe will be helpful for the Keno players.

So, what are you waiting for? Get some luck and strategy by your side and start playing Sikkim Golden Keno and enjoy some fantastic Sikkim Golden Keno results, today.

Sikkim Gold Keno FAQ’s

1. I should play with how many numbers in Sikkim Golden Keno?

There are no set rules for the numbers. While most players play between four and six numbers, some of them also go beyond six.

2. Is there a sure way of winning keno patterns?

There is no sure way of winning the game, but some of the tips and strategies mentioned above can help you get good Sikkim Golden Keno results. However, you must constantly come up with your pattern of numbers to win.

3. Is there any typical pattern in the Sikkim Golden Keno game?

Unfortunately, there are no winning patterns in Sikkim Golden Keno, but players believe that 1,2,23,34, and 72 are the most commonly drawn numbers.

4. Can I use a Keno bonus in the game?

Yes, why not! My casino guru recommends that you use it in the game if you have a keno bonus. Playing the game as sites that offer no deposit bonus would be best. However, you will need to ensure that the terms and conditions allow you to use the bonus money for keno gaming.

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