Lottoland India Lottery

Lottoland Lottery – Play Jackpot or not?

Lottoland is a popular stop-shop to play international lotteries. Indians too can play International lotteries online on Lottoland. My Casino Guru’s Lottoland Review India has looked at the various games and lotteries offered by Lottoland. 

Lottoland provides international lotteries, digital scratchcards, online table games, card games, and slot games to its players. The website also offers sports betting, where you can bet on various sports like cricket, football, etc. 

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Lottoland Review India: 

Ideally, at Lottoland you can enjoy every type of game. So when you open an account with Lottoland, you can enjoy many gaming aspects. Lottoland holds multiple licenses from various national supervisory bodies for lotteries, online gambling, and betting. It has licenses from Gibraltar, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and Sweden.

You can download the Lottoland App on an Android device only. However, other smartphone users can play Lottoland lotteries and games on their phones on a web browser. The website is responsive, so you can have the same experience when you use your mobile. 

Play International Lotteries: 

You can bet on the outcome of international lotteries and grab the chance to win prizes and also the jackpot. So, at Lottoland, you can play European lotteries, USA Mega Millions, Powerball, Draws from Australia, Spanish massive Christmas lottery El Gordo, and many more, 

You can also play in the first official Bitcoin lottery. This lottery has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 1,000 bitcoins. You can buy the ticket for 3.5 euros, you pick 6 numbers from 1-49. So, if you win, you can also choose to take your prize out in bitcoins or the currency of your choice. Bitcoin Lotto is certified and regulated by UK regulatory bodies. Thus, the lottery jackpot offers guaranteed payouts. 

Lottoland India also provides players with innovative jackpots, like Cash4Life. In this, you can get a daily top prize of £1,000. In addition, you can also play now, where you get the chance to win up to £1 million every 4 minutes. Isn’t that awesome!!


You will also enjoy playing from a huge collection of virtual scratchcard games. At Lottoland, you can play for a minimum bet amount, yet win a jackpot in an instant. Moreover, you can also win cash prizes every month for 10 years. 

Slot Games:

Here at Lottoland, you can play a wide range of instant slot games. Enjoy spinning reels on your favorite slots like Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Boss the Lotto, etc. Thus, there are also slot jackpots that offer awesome wins. 

Table Games: 

Enjoy playing table games with live dealers. So, play exciting games like Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, three card poker, Texas Holdem Poker, Caribbean stud poker, sic bo, etc. 

Sports Betting: 

Sports betting is also pretty competitive and you may place live bets on virtual sports, events, and tournaments. Even here you are placing bets on the outcome of matches, or predicting the game-winner, etc. Here you can also play the cricket lotto game that is especially for Indian players and can let you win a minimum jackpot of ₹3.6 crores. Some other popular lottery games are Jeeto lotto, Sambad Plus, World Millions, etc. 

Lottoland is very popular in Asia, particularly in India. There have been quite a few Lottoland India winners, like Shaji Mathew from Kerala, who won a massive Rs. 3.3 crore. Shaji played the slot jackpot game of Atlantis to win the jackpot. 

Lottoland Welcome Offer: Lottoland Review India

When you join Lottoland, you can Buy 1 Lottery Ticket and Get 1 US Powerball Ticket Free. The minimum deposit limit of ₹300 is there to play any lottery or casino games or bet on sports. 

LottoLand India Promo Codes:

With LottoLand, you can get a variety of exciting LottoLand Promo Codes. You may use these promo codes to sign up and play. Currently, Lottoland has two main recurring subscriptions: 

Mega Millions Subscription: You can place bets on one game for both Wednesday and Saturday draws. Here, you can claim four draws for FREE. 

Friday Lotto Subscription: In this, you can bet on two games and you receive two draws for FREE. 

Unique Jackpots: 

Lottoland also offers some unique jackpots like Double Jackpot, Special Jackpot, and rollover reload. 

Double Jackpot allows players to bet twice the official jackpot in any lottery.

Special Jackpot is when Lottoland increases the jackpot amount on any given lottery. So, this amount exceeds the official jackpot draw amount.

Rollover Reload is when Lottoland reloads the jackpot on a lottery. So, the amount is reloaded to the initial amount before the jackpot was won.

Payment Options: 

Lottoland accepts a wide range of payment options. For example, VISA, MasterCard, PaySafe, Skrill, Neteller, Paytm, Paysafecard, etc. 

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Features: LottoLand India Review

  • Has multiple licenses for lottery and online sports betting from different regulatory bodies. 
  • You can play international lotteries, slot games, table games, sports betting, scratch Card Games and more. 
  • Offers unique jackpots like DoubleJackpot and Special Jackpot. 
  • Subscription Option for players.


  • Variety of jackpots available daily. 
  • Lottoland has a No Deposit Welcome Bonus.
  • Attractive Ongoing Retention Bonuses.
  • Discounts of up to 50% are given on some lottery tickets. 
  • You can join Lottoland syndicates to increase chances of winning lotteries. 
  • Guaranteed Payouts and fast withdrawals. 
  • Offers a wide range of Payment Methods, including Paytm. 
  • Accepts Indian Currency. 


  • Games can be addictive, so play responsibly. 


So, now you can play the best lottery games from around the world at Lottoland from the comfort of your home. Thus, Indian players can easily make deposits, purchase the lottery ticket of their choice and stand a chance to win a big jackpot. 

Additionally, you can also enjoy playing live casino games, sports betting, slot games, slot jackpot games, scratch cards, and many more. 

Lottoland India FAQs:

Is Lottoland legal in India?

Yes, of course, Lottoland is legal and players from India can play on the website. Since the website is registered in Gibraltar, it is legal to play for Indians on Lottoland

Is Lottoland genuine in India?

Yes, absolutely. Lottoland is a genuine website and Indian players can buy lottery tickets here. You only bet on the outcome of the lottery draw, so that is made very clear in the terms and conditions of Lottoland. 

Is Lottoland secure?

Yes, of course, Lottoland is secure to play for Indian players too. Lottoland is fully licensed and regulated by world regulatory bodies. It has licenses from Gibraltar, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and Sweden. It guarantees genuine wins and prizes to the players. It has SSL encryption so that all player data is secure all the time. 

How can I play Lottoland from India?

You can easily play on Lottoland from India by simply opening an account, making a minimum deposit, and buying a lottery ticket of your choice. You can also play casino games, scratch cards, do sports betting, etc. In addition, you may join a lottery syndicate too to increase your chances of winning. 

Can I transfer lottery winnings to India?

Yes, you can transfer lottery winnings from Lottoland to India. You will have to enter the correct bank account details and complete any process required for the same. Just remember, you must also pay tax in India on your winnings. 

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