Sports Betting Contests

Top Sports Betting Contests

Sports betting contests add a whole new angle to the already thrilling activity of betting on various kinds of sports. Sports betting contests are extremely popular on online betting websites and sportsbooks. These kinds of betting contests on sports were first organized in Las Vegas, and seeing a huge success, most online betting websites and apps have started their contests. 

While most sports betting contests revolve around the NFL and other football leagues, some sportsbooks and websites organize betting contests during famous tournaments of different sports like the cricket world cup, tennis grand slams, grand Prix auto, etc. Some of these contests involve huge sums of money, so if you are among the high rollers, there is a lot for you to win. However, there are also small scale contests for the people who like to spend money sensibly while betting. 

Know about the top sports betting contests

Since betting contests have become so popular among punters, it is good to look at some of the best betting contests organized by different websites and sportsbooks. While you can participate in some of them for free, there are others for which you will have to pay an entry fee. So, let’s look at some of the best sports betting contests where you can participate and stand a chance to win big cash prizes. 

Circa Sports Million III

This contest is organized by Circa Sports, which charges an entry fee of $1,000. You can win up to $1 million by picking up five different games from the spread. This contest focuses on the NFL, and you can place your bets a maximum of 3 times. If you are smart enough to win bets every week till the end of the season, you can win huge cash prizes. Apart from the grand prize of $1 million, the top 50 bettors also win cash prizes. 


The SuperContest of the Westgate casino is a famous betting contest. While the winning amount of this contest is the same as Circa Sports Million III, which is $1 million, the entry fee is $1500. This contest is also organized during the time of the NFL, and there are six contests for three weeks and three contests for six weeks. As a bettor, you can place your bets on both types of contests. Players win points on every win, and since the contest pays out throughout the season, the maximum amount any bettor can win is $1,132,500. 

Ultimate Football Challenge

This contest is organized by the famous sportsbook Golden Nugget, and it covers both NFL and college football leagues. The entry fee of the Ultimate Football Challenge contest is $1,000, and the same person can make two entries. Each bettor has to make seven selections every week, which means that they get a total of 119 bets over 17 weeks. This contest pays out cash prizes to the top 20 bettors which means you have a good chance of winning some money, if not the grand slam. 

College Pick ’em

This is the best betting contest on college football, organized by none other than the famous William Hill. Since this contest is all about college football, punters can enter the contest by just paying $500. And each punter can join a maximum of four times. 

The menu consists of 25 pre-selected games, and each bettor can choose seven college games against the spread. The bettors stand a chance to win the grand prize of $75,000. If you pick 49 or more winners correctly, a sum of $25,000 cash bonus is automatically transferred to your account. However, there is one condition you get the cash bonus only if you win the grand prize. 

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Pro Pick’ Em

This is also a contest organized by William Hill and is undoubtedly the best contest for all NFL lovers. So the reason behind this popularity can either be the extremely low entry fee of just $25 or the number of entries to the bettor which is 15. In addition, bettors can win up to $300,000, which makes this contest extremely interesting. 

The participants correctly guessed the outcomes of the matches played only on Sunday and Monday. There is a weekly prize of $10,000 for the player with the maximum wins. In addition, if any player finishes the season with 200 or more correct guesses, they can win a cash bonus of $100,000.  

The Great Giveaway

The Great Giveaway contest is organized by the Stations Casino and is quite similar to the other NFL contests. The entry fee for this contest is as low as $25. However, the Giveaway amount puts this contest on the list of best sports betting contests. Winners stand a chance to win huge amounts of money and cars, houses, and properties. 

The contest also provides a no-loss guarantee if a bettor participates in the 17 weeks of the game. The person with the maximum loss wins a house, the 2nd gets around $12,500, and the 3rd player gets $7,500.

Pick the Pros

Any Boyd Gaming Corp Casino organizes this, and each bettor has only one entry per week. This weekly contest resets every week, providing every bettor with a chance to win. The top prize of the contest is $30,000 per week. In case of a tie, both the winners split the money equally. 

In Pick the Pros, the bettors need to select the winners of every NFL match for the week. As this is a weekly contest, the winners must claim their winning amounts within seven days or else the right to money is forfeited.  

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Survivor Pro Football Contest

The Circa casinos and annual organize the Survivor Pro contest. Each bettor can enter six times by paying $1000 for every entry. This is a knockout contest where each bettor must select an NFL team to win, and if they do, the bettor moves forward. And if the team selected by the bettor loses, they will get eliminated. 

One more condition is if the bettor selects a winning team only once, meaning they cannot select the same team twice. The bettor who is the last man standing wins the grand prize of 6 million. 


These are some of the most famous sports betting contests organized by some of the biggest names in the casino business. If you wish to participate in any of these betting contests, it is important that you do proper research about the games and then pay the entry fee to place your bets. While a couple of them have entry fees as low as $25, for others, you may have to spare $1000 on average. So be wise while taking part in these contests but don’t forget to have some fun while at it. 

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