Top 10 Kabaddi Players of India 2021

Top 10 Indian Kabaddi Players – who is your favorite?

Kabaddi is one of the most happening sports with a lot of potentials to become an international rage. There are quite a few top Indian kabaddi players who are popular in the international circuit. Moreover, most Indian Kabaddi players are considered professional world champions. 

Indian Kabaddi Players Auction Season 8: 

The auction for Season 8 Kabaddi players took place in the first week of September 2021. According to rumors, the Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 may take place in Bengaluru. The tournament may start in December 2021 under the bio bubble. The practice camp may be in Mumbai between October-November 2021. However, all these details are not officially confirmed. 

12 teams will compete in the Season 8 Pro Kabaddi League 2021. The teams namely, are Bengal Warriors, Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi KC, Gujarat Fortunegiants, Haryana Steelers, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Patna Pirates, Puneri Paltan, Tamil Thalaivas, Telugu Titans, U Mumba, and UP Yoddha

History of Kabaddi:

Let us first give you a brief history of Kabaddi. Kabaddi originated during the Vedic times in ancient India. Over centuries, the sport was played in villages. Eventually, the sport is popular in schools and colleges across India. 

Kabaddi is a competitive sport, introduced in the Indian Olympic Games in 1938. The All-India Kabaddi Federation was established in 1950. This organization helped in making the sport popular. Moreover, the sport resurfaced in the 1982 Asian Games in Delhi. However, after the launch of Pro Kabaddi League Season 1, kabaddi rose to international popularity. 

How do Indian Kabaddi players play the sport?

The Pro Kabaddi League reinvented the way we perceive the sport. There are so many Pro Kabaddi players from India who are considered international kabaddi players. 

Kabaddi is a team sport and is a fast-paced game. The duration of the game is 40 minutes with a 5-minute break. Thus, there are two Kabaddi teams that compete against each other to score the maximum points. Likewise, each team has seven players. Moreover, Kabaddi is a game of skills. Therefore, it requires a lot of mental strategies and good physical health. 

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The Top 10 List of Indian Kabaddi players in India: 

In India, the most loved sport after cricket is Kabaddi. Thus, you won’t be surprised if Kabaddi overtakes cricket in the next few years!! 

Now, let us cut to the chase and look at the top 10 Indian kabaddi players’ names. According to the Indian ranking, we have listed the top ten players who have brought fame and recognition to the sport: 

1. Pawan Kumar Sehrawat: 

Pawan is ranked No. 1. He plays with Bengaluru Raiders in the Pro League in the Raider position. Yet, he is an all-rounder. Moreover, he plays for the Indian Railways in the Kabaddi nationals. 

2. Pardeep Narwal: The most expensive Indian Kabaddi Players of all time

Pardeep Narwal is one of the prominent Indian Kabaddi players. He is the most expensive player to bid for 1.65 Crores for the UP Yodhha Team in the Season 8 Pro Kabaddi League. Pardeep Narwal is also popularly known as ‘Dubki King’. He plays in the Raider position. 

3. Siddharth Sirish Desai: 

Siddharth is another popular kabaddi player who is known for his swiftness and strength. He plays for the Telugu Titans in the Pro League in the Raider position.

4. Maninder Singh: 

Maninder Singh is a lead Raider for Bengal Warriors. He is known for his calculative maneuvers and quick finishes. Maninder works in Punjab Police and plays for Punjab at the Senior Nationals.

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5. Ajay Thakur:

Ajay Thakur plays for the Tamil Thallaiva’s in the Pro League at the Raider position. Also, he is the former captain of the Indian National Kabaddi Team. Additionally, in 2019, he is the recipient of the Arjuna Award and the Padma Shri. 

6. Deepak Niwas Hooda: 

Deepak is also one of the best Indian Kabaddi players. He is a Raider and an all-rounder. Deepak plays for the Jaipur Pink Panthers in the Pro League. In addition, he is a three-time gold medalist. His gold medals at the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, the 2017 Asian Kabaddi Championship held at Gorgan, and the 2018 Dubai Kabaddi Masters are iconic. Moreover, Deepak is known for his signature move, i.e., Running, Hand & Touch. 

7. Naveen Kumar:

Naveen is another prominent Pro League player. He plays in the Raider position for the Dabang Delhi KC. 

8. Sachin:

Sachin plays for the Gujrat Fortune Giants in the Pro League at the Raider position. He is known for a vicious signature move, running, hand & touch.

9. Rohit Kumar:

Rohit Kumar is another popular Indian Kabaddi Player. He plays at the Raider position for Bengaluru Bulls. He is a former Navy officer and played for the Services Sports Control Board. 

10. Naveen Kandola:

Naveen Kandola plays at the Raider position for Haryana Steelers. Prior to this, he played for Railway Sports Promotion Board. 


In conclusion, we can say that Kabaddi is one of the most popular sports to take the Indian sports arena by surprise. If you have not watched any Kabaddi matches, then you must watch the Pro Kabaddi League Season 8. It is your chance to watch and enjoy the sport. 

Therefore, you can also participate in Kabaddi with sports betting. Thus, you can place in-play bets for matches in Pro Kabaddi League and other Kabaddi tournaments on reputed sportsbook platforms. Some reputed sportsbooks where you can bet on Kabaddi tournaments are UWin, Cricsbet, 10Cric, Betway, 22Bet, and more. 

FAQs – Indian Kabaddi players:

1. How many substitute players are there in kabaddi?

There are up to 5 substitute players in each team in Kabaddi. Thus, the referee gives permission for the same. 

2. How many players/members are there in a kabaddi team?

There are seven Kabaddi team players or members in each team. In each team, there are raiders and defenders. Raiders go into the opponent team’s area to tag out as many defenders as possible. They then have to return to their team without being tagged out. 

Whereas, Defenders are those who try to tag the raiders of the opposite team. Their objective is to tag out all the opponents and score points. 

3. Who is the No 1 Indian kabaddi player in the world?

According to the latest Kabaddi rankings, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat tops the list of the best Indian Kabaddi players. 
However, Ajay Thakur can be said to be the No. 1 Indian Kabaddi player. Thus, his previous achievements and professional history are impeccable. 

4. Kabaddi played as an international sport?

Yes, Kabaddi is a renowned international sport. In fact, the Kabaddi World Cup is one of the best international tournaments by the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF). In this tournament, both men’s and women’s national teams participate. Moreover, India has won all the previous Kabaddi World Cup tournaments.

5. Who is the Queen of kabaddi among the Indian Kabaddi players?

Abhilasha Mhatre is called the Queen of Kabaddi. Also, she is the captain of the Indian National Women’s Kabaddi Team. Abhilasha is a recipient of the Arjuna Award in 2015. She is known for her elegant footwork. 

6. Who is the King of kabaddi among Indian Kabaddi players?

Pardeep Narwal is fondly known as the King of Kabaddi. He is a three-time gold medalist and therefore an integral part of the Indian National

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