Super India Lottery

Super India Lottery – Legit or Scam?


India’s most popular Online Lottery Site is here! But what’s behind all the fortune? Real or Scam? Find out now!

Online Lottery: Now you know.

Whether you’re just someone who’s fascinated by the idea of becoming a millionaire in an instant or someone who’s a serial gambler living life on the edge; the Online Indian Lottery scene has something for everyone. 

And, the stakes of winning the ultimate prize are higher than ever. Fortunately, by getting some info about the website that you’d be using to claim your fortune, you can gift yourself a fresh head start on the gambling wagon.

Here’s a review of one such website to help you decide for yourself.

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What is the Super Indian Lottery?

Being in the Indian Lottery scene, the Super Indian Lottery is one of the most popular Indian Lottery Games that entered the scene a while ago and since then, has made many millionaires along the way!

Legit or Scam?

When you’re surrounded by a thousand different options that offer you a chance to win a massive fortune, raising an eyebrow is quite natural.

Lucky for you, Super Indian Lottery is a completely legit website that has maintained full transparency over day-to-day gaming operations. That too with a higher odds of winning the jackpot worth Crores!

Sit back, relax. Many lottery providers allow Indians to play online and not only that, players from across the globe are in this activity for a long time.

 How to play

Players are supposed to pick six numbers ranging from 1 to 49. The winner is the one who manages to match all the six numbers bailed out of the lucky draw. The prizes are shared among the players if multiple matches of six numbers are drawn.

No winners are announced if the combination doesn’t appear in the first go. Instead, it gets rolled for the next draw. Results are mentioned in a chart list as per three titles namely, Rajshree, Bhagya Rekha, and Chetak.

Draws are held on Saturday with a total list of players/visitors mentioned on the website.

Just pick six numbers to play with, or get your numbers chosen randomly by the Lucky Pick option. Choose the number of draws that you wish to enter and you’re good to go!

 Where to play?

You can play the Super Indian Lottery on the website, and buy your tickets using a Super Indian Lottery Card with values of Rs. 200, 500, 1000 & 2000 respectively. Cards can also be bought from lottery retailers or by SMS/Email.

 Rules and Regulations

Online Lottery is made available to Indian consumers as a legal activity as per rules which vary from state to state.

 Sikkim government had a history of sanctioning Online Lottery along with 13 other states. But no such typical Ban has been implied on the Online Lottery scene in India. You can play with the odds without breaking any law. Plus, the Super Indian lottery is a completely legal website that has been offering this service for more than a decade.


With the advent of the Online Lottery in India, consumers are not required to wait in queues for their turn to play with the odds of winning.

 Super Indian Lottery offers ease of access allowing the user to play with the comfort of one’s home. Also, time consumption in this activity is relatively low as compared to the traditional lottery scenario.

 To maximize the chances of winning, players can choose from the vast variety of games on the Super Indian Lottery Website.


Lottery or any gambling activity requires both luck and skill to ensure that the prize sits in your pockets. Analyze your odds and make a move. If not, chances of losing tend to go high for rookies.

 The chances of being subjected to a hacker’s scrutiny are very high. Though with enough research you can always choose a legit site to carry out your business, be aware of any suspicious activity that may lead to your account security getting compromised. 


The bottom line is this. If your risk appetite is high and you can afford to put trust in your numbers, you might be the next overnight millionaire. But one wrong step could lead you to lose it all. That too overnight.

As they say, “Always test the waters before jumping in.”

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