Casino Random Number Generators

How do random number generators generate random numbers for casinos?

At Mycasinoguru, we often receive queries about Random Number Generators used in casino games. Players have doubts if the RNG is genuine and they ask if casinos can rig the games or not. Our Online Casino RNG guide is helpful and touches on most of the queries by players.

We know that RNG or Random Number Generators work on land and online slot games. RNGs appear in online casino games like Slots, Video Poker cards, Keno numbers, and more. RNGs can generate output at a super rate of several billion hundreds of times per second!

For example, when you play an online slot game with single or multiple reels, you will see the RNG doing a random algorithm at every spin. Meaning every spin gives you a different outcome.

What are Random Number Generators(RNG)?

RNG can be called the brain of a slot machine or slot online game. In a physical slot machine, the RNG is a microprocessor, whereas in a slot machine generator online it is a computer program that generates random numbers or symbols.

Traditionally, RNGs are hardware, like board game dice, flipping a coin, shuffling playing cards, and more. However, RNG’s that casinos use are pseudo-random number generators. RNGs are useful in many industries like gambling, statistical sampling, computer simulation, cryptography, and more.

How do casinos generate random numbers?

Online Casinos cannot generate random numbers. The Random Number Generators algorithm is embedded into the game by the game software provider only. RNG generates numbers even when a player does not play the game.

What is a random number generator in slots?

In general, the software company that creates the game uses pseudo-random number generators. Inputs of numbers or symbols cannot be done externally by anyone else. They just need an algorithm and a seed number to start working.

Any slot game you play uses an RNG, like a classic slot, video slot, or progressive slot.

How to predict numbers from a random number generator?

Usually, a pseudo-random number generator repeats the algorithm unless the seed number is changed. If you are a slot game player, the best way to predict numbers or symbols is to play for a long time. Once you know and understand the pattern of numbers, you may be able to predict the numbers.

If a game has say 50 symbols, then at every click of your mouse, the RNG can generate an output of numbers between 1-50, so the probability of getting the same number series is infinite. Unless you play a slot game all day for a year, it is difficult to predict all the numbers by a random number generator.

Are the Random Number Generators 100% reliable?

Yes, RNGs are reliable as an online casino’s credibility and trust rely on it. Only the game developers know the input of the seed number, casinos do not have knowledge about it.

Yet, players who have played a slot game for a long time, for example, may be able to predict the numbers. All the online games you play on an online casino are monitored and tested by eCOGRA, an independent online gambling testing laboratory.

Generally, software developers also need to certify every game they create, so if a casino has featured a certified game, then you are good to go. Software and gaming developers get the game RNG’s audited by an independent third party.

Some of the big names are Technical Systems Testing (TST), Gaming Labs International (GLI), iTech Labs, and NMi.

Hence, when you choose a slot game to play, make sure you look for the RTP or return to player percentage. The higher the RTP, the better is the payout. A good RTP of any slot game must be above 95%. 5 of the most popular Slot casino games in India with an RTP above 95% are

  1. Game of thrones 243 ways
  2. Starburst
  3. Mega Mullah
  4. Mermaid’s Millions
  5. Gonzo’s Quest


Therefore, now that you know that RNGs are safe and cannot be tampered with, you can play popular slot games without worrying about anything. Start to play slots now.

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