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Play and Win PhonePe Games – Earn awesome credits and chips

PhonePe is the best UPI money transfer and online transaction app in India. In 2019, Phone Pe partnered with digital gaming start-up Mobile Premier League (MPL). Later it also partnered with OnMobile to launch the Phone Pe Switch platform on the Phone Pe app. So, when you go on the Phone Pe Switch platform you will see a good games collection from in-play partnerships where you can play and win PhonePe games.

Phone Pe offers cash games and casino games to its users. Apart from these games, you can even play a cricket fantasy game, ‘Super Team’ for cricket fans. 

About PhonePe app:

Phone Pe is a popular e-wallet and payments app in India. You can make fast transactions through BHIM UPI, credit card and debit card, or another wallet. 

In 2018, Phone Pe launched the Switch platform, a one-click entry point to numerous apps. On the switch platform, users can place orders on additional 600 apps directly through Phone Pe. Phone Pe is operated across more than 12000 Indian towns and cities, and 4000 taluks and provides accessibility to 20 million merchant outlets. 

The following are the benefits of Phone Pe: 

  • Recharge your mobile phone, 
  • Send and receive money,
  • Pay all your utility bills,
  • Make instant payments when you shop offline and online,
  • Also, make mutual fund investments, 
  • Buy insurance plans, gold, 
  • Play games on Phone Pe. 

Play and win Free PhonePe cash games: 

Most games on Phone Pe allow in-app purchases, where players buy credits or chips to continue to play games. Just keep in mind that the cash games are merely for fun, meaning you cannot win real money, but use the credits in your wallet to make purchases in various stores in the app. 

Thus, you can start by playing any simple game in the Phone Pe app. When you win, you get a random Scratch card. The scratch card can be a cashback or discount card for popular stores. 

Play and win PhonePe cricket games :

So, for all those cricket fans out there, Phone Pe has some exciting ways to win games and earn money. In this, Phone Pe features the latest tournaments for users to participate in with its MPL Super Team. For example, during the IPL season or T20 world cup matches, users can bet to predict the outcome of an upcoming match or play a cricket quiz, etc. Games are by third-party game developers, so make sure you play the games carefully. Any reward claims must be processed with caution. 

Apart from playing Phone Pe cash and cricket games, you can even play casino games at online casino sites and apps, and choose Phone Pe, as a payment method.

Play and win PhonePe Casino Games:

Indians love to play casino games and this feature is used by Phone Pe. You will find more than 1000 casino game apps on Phone Pe. Whether you play directly on Casino sites or apps or go through Phone Pe, you can enjoy and win real money. Some popular games by third-party developers you must try are Teen Patti Gold, Blackjack Live, Live Auto Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold’Em, Live French Roulette, Baccarat Live, slot machine games, MPL Super Team, bingo, ludo, and many more. Choose the games and make your deposit from PhonePe wallet or any other mode to play games on Phonepe and win free credits. 

Thus, Phone Pe does not allow you to withdraw any game wins, instead, you can use the winning credits or chips to make in-app purchases. Meaning, all the stores connected with Phone Pe allow you to use your game wins to buy their products. 

The same concept of playing with chips or credits is followed by Paytm, Facebook games, etc. Therefore, what Phone Pe offers to its users is social or casual gaming. Thus, it is not for those who want to play with real money and win real money. So, for that kind of win, you must play on Casino Apps that allow gambling wins. 

Features: Play and win PhonePe Games: 

  • There are not many online casinos or betting sites that accept PhonePe.
  • It’s confusing with the PhonePe Switch app games and real casino games.
  • It requires you to have both a bank account and a mobile number.
  • The daily deposit limit is set at 1 lakh.

How to play and win PhonePe games?

Phone Pe is an excellent app that allows users to play a lot of different games on their app and win real cash prizes. The steps you can take to start playing games is as follows: 

  • If you do not have a Phone Pe account already, then you need to first download the Phone Pe app on your mobile. 
  • Complete the registration process, link it with your bank account or add credit card to phonepe. You must complete the verification process; this will allow you to transfer your wins directly to your bank account if needed. 
  • Open Phone Pe app on your mobile,
  • Click on the Switch Platform option,
  • Then, click on the Games option,
  • You will see all the games categories available like 3 Patti Gold, Atme Game, Bingo143, Casino143, Gamezop, Instant games, and many more. 
  • Thus, you can simply click on Play on any of the games of your choice from the list of games. 
  • You will then see a whole collection of that category of games that can be played. 
  • On Phone Pe you can play a variety of games and earn money. 


Therefore, when you play Phone Pe games, do read the fine print and terms and conditions first. Also, all in-app purchases mean, you cannot withdraw your wins, instead, you can use the wins to buy stuff on the store apps that are featured in the Phone Pe app. 

PhonePe Game Faqs:

1. Can we play games on PhonePe?

Yes, Phone Pe has more than 1000’s of casino games. In addition, it has cash games and cricket games, quizzes, and much more. You can play popular games like 3 Patti Gold, MPL Super Team, Bingo, Blackjack, Baccarat, and more. 

2. Is PhonePe a safe app?

Yes, PhonePe is a safe and secure e-wallet and transaction app. It is powered by UPI and has a license from the Reserve Bank of India. Licensed by the Reserve Bank of India. It is available in 11 Indian languages and provides multiple payment options. All transactions are safe as it uses authentication and has high-level encryption. 

3. What are PhonePe casinos? Are they safe?

There are many online gambling sites in India that provide Phone Pe and other payment methods, as payment methods to users. So, players can easily and safely make deposits and withdrawals. 

4. What are PhonePe cash games in the Switch app?

Phone Pe cash games in the switch app allow users to buy game credits. It also allows users to win credits when they play cash games. These credits can be only used to make in-app purchases. Users can even claim credits in the form of cashback or coupons in the Phone Pe wallets. However, users cannot withdraw these credits to their bank account. 

5. Can we add money from a credit card to PhonePe?

Yes, you can make deposits from your credit card to your Phone Pe wallet. Just complete the registration and verification process, and you are ready to go. 

6. Can we send money from a Phone Pe wallet to a bank account?

Yes, Phone Pe can be integrated with your bank account to send money and make deposits safely. 

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