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Top 8 Casino Online Payment Methods For Indian Players

Playing in an online casino for fun can be doubled when you want to win real money. However, many times you may not know the best casino online Payment Methods available for Indian players. So, to help you to make a sound decision, My Casino Guru has listed the best payment methods for you. 

Importance of Casino Online Payment Methods:

There are scores of online casinos that accept players from India who deposit and withdraw in Indian rupees. Many casinos have specifically added the fastest deposits and withdrawals methods for Indian players. So, it is important for casinos to make this process seamless and effortless for their players from India. 

Moreover, it is also important that players are familiar with the local payment options provided and trust them. Thus, online casinos have partnered with many easy-to-use Indian as well as international online payment methods that Indians already use for online shopping, paying utility bills, etc. 

Benefits of using Indian Casino Online Payment Methods:

When you are playing at an online casino site or sports betting site, it is important that the mode of payment uses encryption technology to keep all customer data safe and secure. There are some common benefits of using Indian payment methods:

  • Safe to make deposits and withdrawals at casinos.
  • Quick and easy deposit and withdrawal process at casinos.
  • Customers are provided by Indian support staff.
  • Support is provided in local Indian languages. 
  • Privacy and anonymity is maintained. 
  • Guarantees use of secure SSL Encryption technology. 

Overall, we can say that the online casinos integrate with payment methods in India for the primary reason that they are secure and allow Indian Rupees.

Moreover, you have to note that payment methods charge a small transaction fee. This fee can range from 1% to 2.5%. Thus, it is best to go with the options with the lowest fee charges. 

Different Casino Online Payment Options:

When you are choosing a casino payment method to make deposits and withdrawals, you are spoilt for choice. Moreover, there has been a digital revolution in India with many e-wallets changing the course of financial transactions across industries. 

Thus, My Casino Guru has listed the most popular local Indian payment methods: 


Paytm is a popular online payment method used by most Indians. It started out as a phone bill payment method, however, you can even make all kinds of payments using Paytm. Many casinos offer this as an option due to numerous players using it as an important option. 

Cricsbet Casino offers PayTM to Indian users. Check out the casino and make your first deposit via PayTM. 


UPI or Unified Payment Interface is reputed for providing the safest and quick way to make bank transfers, pay bills, do online shopping and yes make deposits and withdrawals at an online casino. 

You access multiple bank accounts through UPI and even many e-wallet merchant payments. 

UWin Casino uses UPI. Check out the casino and make your first deposit with UPI.

Phone Pe:

Phone Pe is powered by UPI, so is another reliable payment option for Indians. It offers a secure system to make deposits and instant withdrawals from an online casino. 

Rajbet Casino offers the Phone Pe facility. Play awesome casino games at the casino and make your first deposit using Phone Pe. 

Debit/Credit cards:

Whether you use a debit card or a credit card, online casinos provide you with the most secure payment gateways. You can use a Visa card to make quick and instant payments easily. 

Betway Casino offers card payments using a debit card or a credit card. Register with Betway today, try out casino games for free, and make your first deposit using a debit/credit card. 

G Pay:

G Pay or Google Pay is another popular digital wallet service by Google. This is another contactless payment method used by many Indian players. Deposits and payments are instant and users enjoy high encryption security. 

22Bet Casino provides Google Pay as a payment option to players from India. Play online casino games and place sports bets easily on 22Bet via G Pay. 


Neteller is a popular international e-money transfer service available for all players. It is also frequently used by many Indian players. The money transfer is quick and you will receive the deposit amount within 1-3 days, same goes for the withdrawals too. 

AB4Casino offers Neteller as a payment option to Indian players. You can make your first deposit at the casino with Neteller securely. 


Skrill is equally popular among Indian casino players. The money transfer is easy and seamless using Skrill, with a secure platform to make deposits and payments. 

Betition Casino provides Skrill as a payment method. So, make your deposits and withdrawals with Betition now. 

Bank transfer – Internet banking:

Indians trust bank transfer transactions very much. The payment gateways used by many online casinos have data encryption in place. For example, most banks use an OTP method to log in to their bank account. 

ComeOn Casino and 24Betting Casino give access to bank transfer options to Indian players. 

Conclusion: Casino Online Payment Methods

Therefore, in this blog, we have mentioned the most used payment methods by Indian casino players. Whether you use these methods or others that are not mentioned here, just ensure to use a reputed and reliable payment service. It is always good to shop around to know the best options available before committing with one or two. 

Moreover, it is also very important that you keep a good track of the hidden charges which many payment methods usually charge. Also, read their terms and conditions carefully before you use any payment option. 

These days, another important aspect that many users may ignore is to check if the payment method is PCI DSS certified. So, this certificate ensures that the payment method uses the best encryption technology to protect all user data. Being PCI compliant also protects the payment platform and the online casino from data breach attempts and any leak of user data. 

Thus, choose your payment method wisely, do not be in a hurry. Since, if you choose the wrong option, your money may be stuck in the many rules and regulations. 

FAQs: Casino Online Payment Methods

1. Which online payment is mostly used in India?

The most used online payment method in India is Paytm. However, Indians use few other methods like Phone Pe, UPI, Bank Transfers, Neteller, Skrill, G Pay, etc. All of the payment methods mentioned here allow deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees. Paytm asks for a transaction fee of just 2%, whereas UPI charges Rs. 2. 

2. Which is the cheapest transaction fee payment method in India?

Visa is the cheapest transaction fee of 1% on all transactions made using a debit card or credit card. Even Mastercard applies just 1%, but with the latest developments, Mastercard cannot operate in India. So, the Mastercard option is out of the question.   

3. Why do payment methods charge a transaction fee from users?

All payment methods used by users are services for safe and quick transactions. Hence, to sustain their service and offer the best features, payment methods charge a small transaction fee. This is an operating fee that is charged when a user uses their service. 

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