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If you are at a craps game for sure you know the game rules, how to play, and are now looking for the best winning craps strategies. You need a super tactic that will govern your moves and increase your chances of winning. The craps strategies and tips are easy to understand and put into practice to upgrade your gaming experience. In this article, My Casino Guru will share the best crap strategies in detail. 

Craps Odds Strategy

To get close to winning in Craps, you need to know that different bets have different odds and different house edges. If you pick the right bets, craps will be one of your favorite online casino games. The main bets are pass bets, come bet, don’t pass, and don’t come. They have the lowest house edge and pick them the most when playing craps because they come very close to a break-even stance. With them, you won’t have to break the bank to wager. The payouts of these bets a simply less favorable 

Avoid Single roll bets

  • Stay away from single roll bets if you want to win at Craps. These types are for players who are looking to have fun at Craps but not to win. They include:
  • Field bets, any craps bet, and any 7 bets. The field bet dictates that for you to win the roller must roll 2,3,4,9,10,11 or 12. The house edge is between 2.78% and 5.56%. 
  • Any craps bet means that the player is paid 7 to 1 when the roller rolls a 2,3 or 12. The house edge is 11.11%.
  • Any 7 is guessing on the total amount of points on both nices to be seven. The house edge is 16.67% and the odds are 5/1 and the payouts are 4/1. 
  • Single roll bets have house edges that may reach over 10% and make it less favorable to play with. 
  • A better bet is 12 craps or 2 craps which have a 30/1 payout rate and have 35/1 odds meaning that the house edge would be 13.89%.  
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The Iron Cross

The craps strategy called the iron cross consist of two craps bets; the pass line bet and the field bet. Instead of going with the field bet take the pass line bet road. Why? Because it is effective if the point is 5, 6, or 8 which are the cheapest setting at Craps. Here you have a chance to win on any number other than seven. In place bets, include the missing two field bets. A pass line bet includes the last number when you place a pass line bet, the dice is rolled until its hits a point, when you place a field bet if you place bets placed on numbers excluded by the point or field and if the dice rolls and show anything but seven. 

Inside 22

To win with this safe craps strategy place a pass line bet and bet on the insides of the place bets to cover the 5, 6, 8, and 9. If the point is on the inside a place bet seems useless. In this strategy, the total amount adds up to 22 and the steps are:

  1. You place a pass-line bet.
  2. The dice rolls till it hits a point.
  3. Note that you have to have one unit inside the place bets.
  4. The dice are rolled again and the winning chances depend on 5,6,8 and 9. 

Three-Point Molly

A craps strategy that combines the use of a come bet and a pass line bet. This way you can secure the pass line bet while the number 7 or 11 is situated at the come bet that was paid on. Pass line bet losses these numbers once it establishes a point. These two bets have to be played the same in the following steps:

  1. Place the pass line bet. 
  2. The dice is rolled until it reaches a point
  3. Select a number to place a come bet on.
  4. Position another bet on the number.
  5. If the come bet wins, place a new one.
  6. Till they reach 7, the rounds will go on. 
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Use Free odds to your advantage

When you roll a come-out roll the point is set in the case is not a win or lose. Players who bet on the pass bet and the come bet now have a new option to get free craps odds. This allows you to reduce the house edge. The online casino will pay these bets at true odds with no edge and does not cap these lower than the original pass bet. 

You can make a bet up to 100x bigger than the pass bet with free odds hence finishing off the house edge. If you match the original pass bet, it will go to 0.8% then again and it goes to 0.6%.

The house edge may go as low as 0.02% with free odds bet.  They can be used on the spectrum’s other side. Start with the don’t pass and don’t come to get free odds bets. If you take with pass bets the house edge gets to 0.10% and 100x bet on the lay odds. 

Work with the table minimum on the initial pass bet and as you proceed to increase the bet on the free odds. Risk the minimum, and increase the bet if a point is set. This way you play at reasonable odds and get good payouts.  

Stack the pass line

During the come-out roll, 7 will lead to higher payouts and you may be able to receive online casino bonuses and rewards such as free bets, free cash. How do you do that? You stack money on top of the pass line bet doubling the amount. If you win the payouts will be huge and if you lose the money you lose is that you placed on the pass line bet. 

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Use the martingale 

At craps, there are so many bets you can place and none of them has a 50/50 winning chance. 

Only increase your wagers if you apply the above strategies. However, the payout may be less, then don’t apply this basic craps strategy unless you have run out of options.


It’s easier to win online casino craps if you employ the best craps strategy for beginners and experienced players with a pass or don’t pass bet at a minimum table. By following up with a free odds bet you will have a better chance of winning craps.  

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Craps strategy FAQs

1. Can I win in craps?

Yes, you can. Crap creates a large room for wins and is one of the most favorable online casino games. With a good craps strategy you can, you can lower the house edge and increase your chances of winning. 

2. Is craps a game of skill or luck?

Craps is an online casino game that has outcomes based on the element of luck but a tiny pinch of skill is necessary to increase your odds of winning. You need a strategy to play the game right and reduce the house edge. 

3. How do Craps odds compare to other casino games?

Craps offers great odds among the online casino games list. You need to play smart and break even with the house. 

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