Free Coins & Free Spins

How to earn Free Coins and Free Spins?

If you play Coin Master or Pirate Kings games on Facebook, and looking for free coins and free spins, then you are at the right place. My Casino Guru brings the different ways and tactics you can use to earn daily free spins on Coin Master and Pirate Kings free spins.

If you have left playing the Coin Master game just because you did not want to pay for the coins. Then welcome to the world of free gaming, my friend. We totally understand that having fun while playing coin master does not have to come for a price. That is why we have found the most popular coin master free spin hack for you and also increase the speed of the game.

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Tips to earn Free Coins and Free Spins

1. Avail the daily free coin master spins link:

These are available on many online websites like Haktuts Free Spins. Haktuts Free Spins is a popular blog site by a part-time blogger and computer geek for India. On Haktuts blog site you can get a minimum of 100 free spins links for today and every day. There are other websites also that give you daily free spins on coin master.

2. Follow and free spins and free coins on Coin Master Game on social media:

Follow the Coin Master game on social media platforms. The developer of the game Moon Active posts daily links on their Facebook and Twitter social media official pages. So, next time you are just browsing Facebook and Twitter, make sure you start following the game page.

3. Subscribe to the Coin Master Email Newsletter:

Ok, I know you don’t want to receive a lot of emails when you subscribe to any newsletter. But, at Coin Master when you sign up for their emails, you will get free email gifts, i.e., coin master free daily spins.

4. Invite more new friends:

Every time you invite a friend and your friend accepts your invitation to join the Coin Master game via Facebook. You earn 40 free coin master free spins. Your friends do not have to play the game, but simply download and log in through Facebook. So, if you have lots of friends ask them to do just this and earn free spins.

5. Ask your friends for spins as gifts:

If you have at least 50 friends who play the game, then you can ask, i.e., request each of them to gift your free spins. Your friends must be actively playing the game though, otherwise, you won’t get any free spins. So, make sure you have your friends hooked on to the game too!!!

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6. Watch Video Ads for free:

Have you been interrupted while playing the Coin Master game by a video Ad and you felt annoyed about it? But what if we told you that the more video ads you watch, the more free spins you will earn. Oh Yes, that is absolutely true and you can take advantage of that, especially when you are running out of coins.

7. Energy Spin symbols:

While playing the game, you must have come across the three spin energy symbols in one row. When you hit the symbols, you earn free spins.

8. Move your village up a level:

So, every time you level up your village, you will earn free spins. However, to go up a level you will need to do a lot of purchasing like new buildings or make improvements or repairs to the buildings. Which can again cost you more spins. However, if you have lots of free spins, then use them to level up your village and earn more.

9. Join in different events within the game:

To increase the participation of players and their friends to play the game, the developer gives away free spins when you participate or join in in-game events. Ask your friends to try this hack also to earn more free spins.

10. Earn 5 free coins every hour:

If you wait a play the game patiently, you will be rewarded with 5 free spins every hour. So, if you keep the game on all the time, by the end of the day, you will end up with 24×5 = 120 free spins in 24 hours. Well, it won’t seem a lot, but if you play every day, then these free spins can earn you more free spins. So, it is not that bad.

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11. Join WhatsApp Group of Pirate King’s game:

To earn more free spins, shields, coins, you can join their WhatsApp Group.

12. Join and follow the Facebook Group of Pirate King’s game:

When you join the Facebook Group page of the Pirate Kings game, you earn more spins, coins, shields, free gifts, etc.

13. Play the games every day:

For both Coin Master and Pirates King, the key to motivating players to come and play daily is to give them free spins. The developers have very cleverly thought of this and so why not take advantage of this option. So, come back to play every day and earn free spins every day. It is as simple as that.


So, whether you play Coin Master or Pirate Kings, you can earn free coins and free spins in the ways that we mentioned above. The above hacks are free to try and will not cost you anything. Just remember the more free spins you earn, your spinning speed also increases tremendously.

There are lots of websites where you can get coin master free 5000 spin links or 50000 free spins, etc. But you need to be very careful if the links are genuine or not. Because on many of these sites, you may be asked for your email address or your phone number, or any other personal details. This can be risky considering all this information is sensitive and can be used for illegal purposes also. So, make sure you trust such sources.

Free Spins & Coins FAQs:

1. What is the Coin Master game?

Coin Master is an online game available on Facebook and on Google Play Store and Apple Store. In this game, you can become a Coin Master by conducting attacks, spins, and raids on others, to build your Viking village to the top! Move up levels and earn more free spins.

2. Where can I play the Coin master game?

You can play the coin master game on Facebook or on Android or iOS devices after download.

3. Where can I play the Coin master game?

You can play the coin master game on Facebook or on Android or iOS devices after download.

4. What is the maximum spin reward by Coin Master spin link?

The maximum spin reward by the Coin Master spin link is 80 spins.

5. Can I get 400 Coin Master free spins?

Yes, you can get 400-coin master free spins when you participate in events that are inside the game. These are not given daily but occasionally. So, follow the game on social media all the time for the latest updates on free spins.

6. Do Coin Master spin links expire?

Yes, the Coin Master spin links are daily links that expire at the end of the day.

7. How do you get gold cards on Pirate Kings?

On Pirate kings game, gold is the main in-game item. It is used in purchasing items from the Island shop. You can earn more free gold when you watch video ads, spin the wheel, claim the daily bonus, connect on Facebook, invite your friends and follow the Pirate Kings social media pages.

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