Teen Patti Gold Chips

How to Buy Teen Patti Gold Chips? Guide to winning Teen Patti

Do you play Teen Patti Gold online? Are you low on Teen Patti chips? Then we have a helpful guide on how to buy Teen Patti chips.

When you are short on 3 Patti chips, then you may want to buy free chips. It is always good to use a reputed and trusted 3 Patti chips seller in India.

Teen Patti chips – for Winning strategy:

Teen Patti Gold is a poker-style card game that is played with 3 cards, that is why the name. If you have come across this game, then you know that playing Teen Patti gold requires a good amount of strategy. Apart from strategy, you may also need a bit of luck to win the games. And in order for your strategy to work, you will need enough 3 Patti chips.

When you sign up for the Teen Patti game, as a Welcome bonus or joining bonus, you will receive 3,00,000 chips. However, when you play with these chips, at some point you may run out of chips or even accumulate a lot more chips where you are able to sell your chips or transfer your chips to your friends.

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How to do teen Patti gold recharge?

Teen Patti Gold is an all-time favorite card game for Indian players. When you are a serious player with a winning strategy, then you can recharge chips in the following ways:

  1. Join online casinos that offer Teen Patti online game like UWin Casino, where you can buy teen patti chips.
  2. There are also Mobile Apps that allow players to buy chips. So you can download Apps like Teen Patti Gold and Octro 3 Patti chips to buy online on your Android device. Please note that these Apps do not allow real money play, but allow you to buy chips to play the game.
  3. You may also come across portals where you can get 3 patti gold free chips code and use it to renew your chips.
  4. There are also portals like Chips Bazar where people buy and sell chips. However, you have to be careful of such websites, as you may be in for a scam, if the 3 patti chips seller or buyer in India is not genuine.

When you recharge by buying or using a free code, your chips are refilled, meaning you are ready to place more bets.

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How to transfer chips in 3 Patti gold?

When you play 3 pattiFacebook after you download the game, you can play with your friends. When you have a lot of chips you can also transfer your chips to your friends. You may also want to buy and send chips across to your friends so that they can continue the game. This can be done easily when you follow the following steps:

  1. Buy bank chips available within the game.
  2. You will receive chips reflected in your Teen Patti game bank balance.
  3. You can now enter your friends Player ID, choose the amount of chips you want to send and hit send. The chips will be transferred to your friend’s Teen Patti account.

How to Play Teen Patti? Game Rules

  1. Teen Patti is an easy to play card game and anyone can learn to play it. In this game, 52-card pack is used, except the Joker cards.
  2. It is played with 3 to 6 players.
  3. 3 cards each are dealt to the players. The cards are face down.
  4. Players need to start the game with the boot amount that is the bet amount collected from all the players.
  5. The game can be played with all the players having the cards face down which is called Unseen. Or players can play the cards Seen.
  6. The objective of the game is to make the highest hand with high-ranking cards. Whoever does this win the game.
  7. All the cards are ranked from high to low int he following way:
  • Trail or Set – 3 cards of a same rank.
  • Pure sequence – 3 consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Sequence or Run – 3 consecutive cards of different suit.
  • Color/Flush – Any 3 cards of the same suit.
  • Pair / Two of a Kind – 2 cards have the same rank.
  • High Card – 3 cards that do not fulfil the above categories.

Teen Patti Tournaments:

You may also participate in Teen Patti tournaments once you have a good amount of chips in your hand. When you participate in such tournaments just make sure you read the Terms and Conditions and the rules.

You can use Teen Patti tricks and tips to go up the tournament or championship ladder. Some of the tricks you can follow are:

  1. Small bets give you ample time to understand how other players are playing. This way you can also guess if they are about to fold or playing aggressively. Accordingly, you can increase you bet amounts gradually.
  2. When you play blind or unseen, you are taking a risk. However, you have an upper hand, as your bet amounts will be half of the bet amount your opponents are playing, since they play Seen.
  3. You need to practice the game for free, before you actually start playing with real money. Like any thing you do, practice will give you a good understanding ofthe game and help you to use wise strategies.
  4. Side bets are a great way to create winning odds for yourself during the game. This will help you to earn something even if your main bet is going to lose.
  5. Teen Patti games give you extra bonuses or chips whenever you have a winning streak. So, use these wisely, as this will help you to have a leverage of going for a big bet if you have the best cards.
  6. Do not go overboard of betting a lot, especially when you do not have good cards in hand.


So, in conclusion, we can say that Teen Patti is a fun game full of entertainment and chances to win big. You can earn Teen Patti chips when you play well or you can recharge by buying chips or send the chips to your friends.

Therefore, enjoy the game as much as you can and increase your winning chances when you earn or buy chips.

Teen Patti Gold FAQ’s

Is Teen Patti Gold a free game?

Yes, Teen Patti Gold is a free game that can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices.

How can I get chips in 3patti gold?

You can get chips in 3 Patti gold games by earning them or get them transferred from a friend who has excess chips or you can use a code or buy the chips.

How can I win the Teen Patti game?

You can win the Teen Patti game by using a winning strategy. Make sure you play patiently and pay attention to your opponents. Learn the game rules thoroughly and play sensibly.

Does Teen Patti game real cash?

Most games that are available on Apps, do not have a real cash option. However, if you play in an online casino, you can play with real cash and win real money.

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