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How to become a casino high roller? A detailed guide

In the travel industry, people take pride in visiting the Maldives or Santorini. Some luxurious drivers take pride in their Jeeps or Lamborghinis, and in the gambling industry, punters take pride in being the casino whale. These casino whales are high rollers whom most of us think have special gaming rooms in the casinos or are flown in jets to the casinos, enjoying the finest bottle of wine, whiskies, and top-chef meals. A status that is real and most punters desire to reach. Let’s take a look at what a high roller is and how a player can become one. 

What is a high roller?

In Layman’s language, a high roller means a person with a gambling habit of spending a lot of money at casinos. And they do this on many occasions, not just one. They are consistent in their play. According to Wikipedia, they do not constitute a bigger fraction of the casino revenue rather the lower and low-middle class gamblers. However, they have a huge effect on the casino income that casinos use to run.

Casino whales end up committing fraud because they get cornered to pay back their losses at the casinos. They seem to be so lost in the lifestyle. 

Why do Casinos use lavish compliments on them?

To lure them to their grounds, casinos offer lavish treats to high rollers. Brick and mortar casinos provide ranges from the best hotel suites to private jets and limousine rides. Sometimes they even let them play with extended credit and offer rebates on bet turnovers or losses they may conquer. To maintain them at the casino and attract other high rollers.

  1. Online casinos offer VIP programs with better playing conditions and negotiable comps, like exceptions to certain casino rules and regulations. 
  2. Discounts for settling debts; High rollers at times get like a 10-15% discount on their debts to the casino if they pay on time.
  3. Private table: To serve the billionaires who visit the casinos, there are secluded rules for them. They are hard to find at regular baccarat or poker tables.
  4. High roller bonuses that are out of this world: To encourage the players to continue depositing money. Being eligible for a higher bonus means you get to wager more times before withdrawing at an online casino. 
  5. Higher deposit and withdrawal limits; For ease whenever they are making payments.

High rollers are important to casinos for they are like free advertising, just like big jackpots and lottery winners. Casinos hardly invest in ads, and they use them to create an illusion that you could walk away with a big win and make it to the status and experience the perks of casino whales. 

This does not make them immune to losing. It’s gambling, and they win and lose. But in most cases, they hire a skilled gambler and set them to the table while popping drinks in the champagne room. 

Low rollers

They are known to be knowledgeable and skilled in casino games. They are passionate and highly enthusiastic about playing at casinos with the hope of winning. They get loyalty programs and other casino bonuses. Low rollers are still important to casinos, but how can one become a high roller? 

Increase your bets

Add a little weight to the money you deposit at casinos and wager. Giving lots of money to a casino gives off the impression that you’re ready and willing to lose and win money. Low rollers play to win, their plan is winning, and a loss comes as a big blow. Show off that you are ready for the high roller program. 

Bet big

Grab the attention of the casino and increase your chances of winning more real money. Playing big at an online casino may boost you to entering the VIP program and get access to your desired treatment. It may sound risky, but it opens doors to casino comps and perks. 

Play at new or upcoming casinos

The latest online casinos are still in the phase of winning players by throwing attractive bonuses and lucrative cash prizes at them. Smaller gambling venues will then treat you like royalty the minute you start betting with big money. They will send the best rewards despite the big sums of losses you are making. 

Be at the high roller slots.

Casinos have slot rooms where good payout rewards and cash prizes are something you can look up to. To be a slots high roller, the amount you should wager is based on the slot machine. In the rooms, you are rewarded better for these slots rates but know that slot players lose money faster than other players at the casino.

Become a non-gambling higher roller

Casinos are for entertainment, and winning is just like a token of thank you for spending your precious time and money to have some fun. Just sign up for programs and use your card when paying for stuff like drinks and food. So, just like land-based casinos, online casinos also have games where you can play to collect rewards. 

They notice that you are replaced and living lavishly on their site or house. Eventually, they will approach you with specialized reward packages and give you suggestions on getting even better comps. 

High start, High end

Enter or sign in at a casino and start betting with big money. This means you will get comps throughout the gaming session. Remember, the pit boss monitors the beginning wagers to determine how the casino will reward you, so make large bets when the upper crust looks good to rate you higher. You can lower the bets after they leave in the game and try to increase them at the end of the game. This will get comps for a higher wager even if you are currently betting at a low rate. You see it as the last, for it requires you to be more careful when playing at large stakes. 

Final Thoughts

The thing about online casinos is that they lay out what the high roller programs entail. You can see how many points you need to climb the levels to be the casino VIP and how many you have accumulated so far. 

High-stakes gambling comes with its perks, but you have to dig deep into your pockets and be more attentive at a casino. Even the high rollers started somewhere, but the casinos wowed them with luxurious treats and got them to desire being the casino whale. Don’t forget that you are eligible to receive online and land-based casino rewards and bonuses. Casinos are aware of how the rewards and comps have intrinsic value to the players. It makes them feel valued.

Casino High Roller FAQ’s

1. Is it worth becoming a high roller? 

If you will spend a lot of money at casinos, why not enjoy the perks of being a spender? For punters who have loved gambling for the longest time, then it’s okay to let the casino treat you to the elite VIP treatment. Always check the casino’s loyalty program and VIP program and see the kind of comps you feel you deserve.

2. Do Indian casinos have VIP programs?

Yes. So many casinos for Indian-based players have VIP programs and also loyalty programs. The more you play at the site, the more points you get and move to the next level. 

3. What if I don’t have much money? Can I still be a high roller?

A casino whale is nothing more than status in the gambling industry, and yes, it comes with special treatments. But if you have the knowledge and skills to play casino games, you will win huge cash prizes. And this way, the casinos will identify you and throw one or two rewards at you. 

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