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DraftKings, Polygon Team Up on Blockchain Accord

DraftKings is the best fantasy sports app to win money online. It is one of the most popular sports betting operators in the US. DraftKings has now collaborated with Polygon Studios in October 2021 to venture into blockchain technology. 

My Casino Guru has looked at all aspects of the platform in this blog. 

DraftKings and Polygon collaborate on blockchain 

Polygon Studios is a wing of Polygon. It is a growing blockchain Gaming and NFT (non-fungible tokens) arm of Polygon that is Ethereum-based. So, with the collaboration of Draftkings with Polygon, the daily fantasy sports company will tap into Polygon’s NFT expertise. 

This venture will enable Draftkings to gain support from Polygon to support custom NFT drops and also in secondary-market transactions. Especially Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Currently, Draftkings stock and share price is high at $48.92 and is expected to rise in the future as well. The sports betting company is valued at nearly $20 billion. 

Benefits of the collaborations:

  • Provide scalable, eco-friendly blockchain solutions on the DraftKings platform. 
  • Create customized NFT drops and collectibles. 
  • Enable the Draftkings marketplace to integrate seamless cryptocurrency transactions. 
  • Bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. 
  • DK will also have a say in implementing changes to Polygon’s network governance and have a secure network. 

Draftkings review: 

Draftkings is one of the largest sportsbooks in the US. It is the official daily fantasy partner of major sports leagues like NFL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA TOUR, and UFC. DK is also an authorized gaming operator of the NBA and MLB. It is also an official sports betting partner of the NFL and an official betting operator of PGA TOUR and UFC.

Users of the fantasy sports betting website can place a variety of bets on US and International sports tournaments, and major leagues. Customers can place bets like, live in-game betting, odds boosts, prop bets, pools, futures bets, etc.

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Fantasy Sports has found success in India as well. This has also attracted many Indians to the sportsbook website. Here Indian fans can also place bets on fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, etc. The DK website also features fantasy cricket and users can view cricket odds. Players can bet online legally, on a secure platform. You can place bets easily on major cricket tournaments and league matches.

DraftKings Sports Betting: 

Fans can play their favorite sports like fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy NASCAR, fantasy golf, fantasy hockey, fantasy esports, fantasy cricket, and many more. You can also create private match contests and choose your opponents in the game. They can be your friends or other fans. You can also create your own leagues, track your results and maintain the league’s exclusive leaderboards. 

Those fans who are just beginners or new to Draftkings can participate in the special Beginner’s contests. This helps you to learn how the platform works, build your skill for your favorite sports, earn experience badges for big wins, etc. 

Draftkings Marketplace Debut: 

Draftkings Inc made the marketplace debut in August 2021, when it collaborated with Tom Brady’s company Autograph. So, DK has its own marketplace, where it also released the first drop in NFTs featuring the U.S. football Buccaneers quarterback. 

Draftkings NFT drops: 

Draftkings Marketplace is a premium platform. Since its launch in August 2021, has released Autograph’s Preseason Access Collection NFT drops. The NFT drops were of iconic athletes featuring Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles, and Derek Jeter. All of these NFT collectibles were sold instantly. 

The fantasy sports company informs the fans when the Waiting room is open and the drop days in advance so that fans are ready to make their purchase. You may follow the DK Twitter page to get the latest updates about NFT drops. 

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NFT drops have been a rage especially for collectors and retail traders, for the blockchain-registered images. The NFT collectors can also transfer the purchased NFTs to their Ethereum wallets. However, the Marketplace feature is for the moment only available for players from the US and Canada. So, players or fans from India cannot buy NFT drops. 

Mobile App:

DraftKings users or customers can access the sportsbook and marketplace on the Draftkings app. The mobile app can be downloaded by iOS and Android users from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. Customers can do sports betting and even buy the latest NFT drops through the app. 

DraftKings customers have a shot of winning real cash prizes when they play fantasy NFL and college football match contests online. As soon as the contest’s end, winners are paid out immediately. Anyone can join for free, choose their favorite sport, and play with friends or other fans. 

Fantasy sports and the betting app can be played on Windows on a PC or laptop too. Users need to first download the BlueStack Application player program and then download the App on their PC. 


  • Draftkings specializes in daily fantasy sports games and live sports betting in the US. 
  • Fans can create their own matches or leagues and play against other fans or friends. 
  • Buy the latest NFT drops and collectibles through the Marketplace. Only for fans from the US and Canada. 
  • Play and win fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy NASCAR, fantasy golf, fantasy hockey, fantasy esports, fantasy cricket, and many more. 
  • Mobile available to download on Android and iOS devices. 
  • PC and laptop users need to download the BlueStacks App player program in order to download and play the mobile app. 


  • Fans can win cash prizes when they play fantasy sports games. 
  • Indian cricket fans can place live sports bets on many cricket upcoming and live matches. 
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  • Indian cricket fans do not have Indian payment methods.
  • Rupees is not the currency option. 

Other sportsbooks and sport betting sites to check out are UWin, Cricsbet, 10Cric, etc.


Draft Kings is a great daily fantasy sport and betting platform to watch out for in India. With so many localized Indian fantasy sports sites and apps, if Draftkings customizes its offering to the Indian market, then it will benefit the company as well as the fans. 

Therefore, do watch out for the latest gambling news, updates, and casino news from My Casino Guru. 

DraftKings FAQs:

1. Can you actually win money on DraftKings?

Yes, at the DraftKings platform, fans can win over $1 Billion in 2021. Fans can take the chance to win a ton of cash prizes. Since DK offers daily fantasy sports on matches in NFL, PGA, UFC, MLB, etc, there were four millionaires in the last NFL season. 

2. How do DraftKings take any fees from fans?

Draftkings works in a unique way, where it collects 10% as entrance fees from players or users of the platform. The players pay for league buy-ins. So, if a player pays $1, DK takes 10 cents and 90 cents goes into the pool. The winner takes home the pool amount. 

3. Is DraftKings a gambling site?

DraftKings is a US-based daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting operator. It offers fantasy sports that are a game of skill and cannot be categorized under gambling. 

4. Is the DraftKings app free?

Yes, the DraftKings app is free for players to join from anywhere. Just check the website for restricted countries. However, Indian fans can join for free, choose their favorite sport and play with friends or other fans. 

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