How to Play Dream 11 Game

How to Play Dream 11 game? A Complete Guide by My Casino Guru

Dream 11 game is a popular fantasy sports website in India that nearly 11 crore users play. You can play many fantasy sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball, and NFL. 

The Dream Sports Group is the owner of Dream 11 with a lot of credible partnerships with national and international sports leagues & bodies. Many renowned and reputed Indian and international cricketers also back this website for an authentic and unique gaming experience.

You can enjoy the best-in-class fantasy sports at Dream 11. It is easy to play the game, become the team owner and compete with other fans around the world. If you follow the latest sports or specifically cricket news and have good knowledge about sports, then you can challenge your friends, and make sports even more exciting. win exciting real money prizes. 

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What is a dream 11 game? 

Dream11 is a Game of Skill. In this game, you create a team of real players from the list of players for a real upcoming match. You then compete with other fans for big prizes. Basically, the concept of the game is simple: when the players in your team perform well in the real-time match, your team earns points. 

You can even download the Dream 11 app on your Android or iOS mobile device to start playing. Alternatively, you can scan the QR Code on their website and download it. In addition, simply enter your 10 digits mobile number and you will get the app link on your mobile phone to download. 

How to play dream 11?

At My Casino Guru, we have given a detailed understanding of how to play the game: 

1. Select a sport:

Choose from the different sports available on Dream 11. For example, cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball, and NFL. 

2. Select an upcoming match:

Dream11 hosts games across many different sports. Then click on an upcoming match you want to play and keep an eye on the match deadline.

3. Create your team: 

Use your knowledge of sports to pick a team within a budget of 100 credits who you think will score the most points for the selected match.

Remember, you can create and join contests with up to 11 teams for every match. You can also join contests with more than 10,000 spots with 20 teams now (valid till June 30, 2021). So, try different combinations to improve your chances of winning.

4. Join Contests: 

You may join already created contests. You can choose between free and paid contests. If you have to pick a paid contest, do that wisely. Additionally, you can also create your own contest and ask your friends or family or any other fans on the platform to join your contest. 

5. Follow leaderboard in real-time: 

You can follow the leaderboard to know how your players are earning fantasy points based on their real-time match performance. 

Important points to note in Dream 11: 

  • Credits or cost of a player can let you know if a player is experienced or inexperienced. Experienced and star players cost more credits, whereas inexperienced players cost less.
  • You can earn Fantasy Points when you play the game. The better your team’s players do in a real-time match, the more fantasy points you get. For example, if your players score runs or take wickets in cricket, or score goals in football, your player earns Fantasy Points. Even if your players belong to different teams in real-time, you earn points on their performance in the real-time match. The total of all the fantasy points of your players make up your total fantasy points. Therefore, the higher your fantasy points, the better are your chances of winning.

Also, read the Dream 11 point system explained by My Casino Guru.

  • You can easily edit your team as many times as you want to before the real-time matches start. 
  • It is easy to withdraw from contests and also from your fantasy points. Just read the Rulebook by choosing the Fantasy Point system of the sport of your choice. 

Features of Dream 11:

  • Dream 11 features lots of different sports from which you can select to make a team and play. 
  • Play sports like Cricket, football, basketball, baseball, kabaddi, hockey, volleyball, handball, and NFL,
  • You can easily create your dream team by picking players from the sport. 
  • Know the credit or cost of players to make your team. 
  • Check the leaderboard to know how your team is competing in real-time against other fans. 
  • Earn fantasy points. 
  • Participate in free or paid contests to win prizes. 
  • Create your own contest and invite friends and family to participate in it. 
  • Chat with other fans easily while watching the leaderboard. 
  • You can win real money and lots of prizes if you earn more fantasy points than other fans. 


  • You can use your sports knowledge to win real money. 
  • It improves your sports skills. 
  • It is a fast-paced game, as your points are dependent on the real-time matches. 
  • Though it is a game of chance, you can use your immense sports knowledge to maximize your wins. 
  • Quick withdrawals of wins.
  • Dream 11 also gives its users cash bonuses. 
  • Download the Dream 11 app and play on your mobile. 


  • You need to play responsibly as it can become addictive. 

Customer Support: 

They have prompt customer support who are always there to assist all the users. 

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So, we can conclude that Dream 11 is a game of skill and a lot of fun and excitement. You can play this game with your friends and family and also with all other sports fans. 

My Casino Guru can say that Dream 11 brings the whole country and even all the world together on one single platform. All sports enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy creating their own teams, earning fantasy points, and winning exciting prizes. Use your sports knowledge to your advantage, follow the latest sports news, know about the players who are in form, and choose the right players. 

You will absolutely love it when you start winning here. So, do try your luck and also use your sports skill to win amazing cash prizes. 

Dream 11 FAQs:

1. How to play the IPL dream 11 games?

On Dream11, you must first pick the Cricket sport. Then choose an upcoming IPL match. Then you can create your fantasy team from the players who will play the match. Based on the real-life IPL match you can score maximum points. The more points you score, the more cash prizes you will win, even win Crores!

2. Can I win real money in a dream 11 game?

Yes, absolutely, with Dream 11 you can win real money. Just know the players who are in form and experienced and choose them. As the real-time game is played, your players earn individual fantasy points based on their performance. You may also participate in contests to earn more money. Dream 11 also rewards users with cash bonuses, so use them wisely. 

3. Is it safe to deposit money in dream 11?

Yes, of course, it is safe and easy to make deposits in your Dream 11 account. Simply choose the payment option, and make the deposit. You may also withdraw from your account in the same way. 

Just make sure your account is verified and all account details are correct. 

4. Which Indian state’s dream11 contest does not work?

Dream 11 has restricted access to users to participate in contests. Users residing in the Indian states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh cannot participate because of the individual state laws. 

5. Do I have to pay tax on my Dream 11 winnings?

yes, in India TDS or tax deducted at source, is 30% from your total winnings. 

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