10 Insane Online gambling casino winning strategies for 2021

For a casino player, winning is very important. To have at least 10 insane casino-winning strategies up your sleeve is like having the entire casino to yourself!

Is there a strategy for casinos?

Yes, of course, when you have effective casino strategies to win at casino games, then you can increase your bankroll tremendously. There are some general strategies for online casino games and there are specific strategies that are applied for specific games.

When you bet less than 2% of the bankroll, you will be able to manage your bankroll better.

10 best online casino winning strategies for 2021

Mycasinoguru has 10 insane online winning strategies for our players to increase their bankroll in 2021.

1. Casino bonus strategy:

For earning bonuses, your ultimate strategy must be to aim for the ‘expected value’. Is your expected bonus or value really good? You must aim at earning bonuses by paying as little as possible. If you are new to a casino or you want to join a casino, do your research on the bonuses they offer.

  • Some casinos offer No deposit Welcome Bonus, stay away from them. A casino that offers you a bonus with no deposit has underlying wagering rules that only let you withdraw the bonus after you make the first deposit.
  • Casinos that offer exclusive bonuses when you play specific games.
  • If a casino offers deposit bonuses, then it is a great way to earn extra bonuses every time you make payments.
  • If you are an existing customer, you can claim reload bonus.
  • You can join VIP programs of casinos to avail more bonuses. 
  • Read the wagering requirements carefully before you avail bonuses.

2. Casino tournament strategy:

Tournaments are exciting to play at and if you have a strategy in place, then you are on a roll.

  • Play in tournaments that play for a long period, that way you have the time to understand the game.
  • If you are not sure about winning a game, just leave it, especially if it is a poker tournament.
  • Place small bets to keep your winnings under check, do not be tempted to make a big bet and end up losing in one go.

3. Casino slots strategy:

Slots are popular among payers because casinos bring the essence of classic slot machines of a land-based casino.

  • Choose a slot game wisely.
  • Look at the RTP or return to player percentage of the game you choose. An RTP percentage above 95% is a good slot game to go with.
  • Casinos that offer lots of free spins can give you more chances to try your luck.
  • Understand the slot game to study the slot game, see how the random numbers are generated by the RNG calculator
  • Participate in smaller jackpots to earn small profits and increase your bankroll.

4. Casino roulette strategy:

Roulette reminds us of James Bond movies and that we can take out one strategy out of his cap.

  • Choose numbers that are next to each other and place a bet on them.
  • The logic is that if the ball misses your number, it will go to the numbers next to the chosen number.
  • Usually there are very think chances for players to win as you cannot follow an exact strategy, as the casino has a house edge.
  • Roulette is a game of chance, so make sure you spread your bets and do not be tempted to place huge bets after wins.

5. Casino poker strategy:

Poker is said to be a very strategic game. There are many poker games casinos offer, like Texas Hold’em, Teen Patti etc. Teen Patti is an Indian Poker game that is fast gaining popularity.

  • Learn all the rules of the Poker game you are choosing.
  • Learn about the various combination of hands like flush, top pair, middle pair, bottom pair, a draw, ace-high or a complete air-ball bluff.
  • Learn about the frequencies of the hand.
  • To win at poker, one needs to study the table and the opponents
  • Fold your aces when the pot is to the brim and you your opponents are just calling.

6. Online casino dice strategy:

  • Martingale doubling bet can be used along with the below betting pattern.
  • Follow this betting pattern – Low, High, Low, Low, High, High
  • Set the payout at 2X, so you have 50:50 chance of winning a bet.

7. Casino Craps strategy:

  • Use the Press-and-Pull strategy.
  • When the Place bet lands,you press your bets.
  • When the bet land 4 times, you pull your profits.
  • 6/8 strategy is popular in craps, as casinos have a low house edge on this.
  • In 6/8 craps strategy the second-greatest odds of a dice landing 6 and 8 is more other than 7, the first greatest odd.

8. Casino Baccarat strategy:

Baccarat is a very low house-edge game, so you have more winning chances playing this game. It has three bets – Player, Banker and Tie.

  • Do not play the ‘Tie’ bet, as this has the highest house edge of up to 14.4%.
  • ‘Banker’ is the best bet to play. Keep playing it till you meet a loss.
  • Wait for another turn to play ‘Banker’ bet after a loss, as you may end up making a bet on ‘Tie’, which you clearly want to avoid.
  • Make sure you maintain a good balance between wins and losses. Keep your bankroll in check.

9. Casino Blackjack tips and strategies:

Blackjack is another popular game where people win big money.

  • Split a pair of 8s and Ace.
  • Do not split a pair of 5s and 10s.
  • When the dealer has the upcards – 9, 10 or Ace, hit Ace -7.
  • When the dealer has the upcards – 9 or less, double down on 10.

10. Casino war strategy guide:

Casino war strategy is when you are challenged by the dealer to surrender or go to war by doubling your bet. When you are challenged by the dealer, it is always good to withdraw and lose half of the amount. At least you have half of the winning. Many times, players go overboard and take it on their ego, ultimately lose the entire amount plus the amount they doubled. Always stand down in the casino war strategy, as casinos trick you into losing a lot.


Playing real money casino games needs a lot of time and understanding of the games. Once you know when to bet and when to quit, you will start winning and truly enjoy the games. The above 10 casino strategies that work are proven to help you win.

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