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What is FTD? Learn How To Increase FTD

First Time Deposit Bonus

It sounds nice when online casinos tell you that you will receive some free cash, doesn’t it? Well, that is all about the first-time deposit casino feature. It’s the foremost and brilliant promotion that the sportsbooks and online casinos use to stand out in the competitions and attract new players who will start playing at their casino site. It is more of an incentive given to gamblers online as sportsbooks and online casinos try to acquire new customers and increase their first-time deposit conversion rate. Learn how your casinos can be improved to increase the first-time deposit numbers.

Defining the First Time Deposit

They are a tool online casinos use to attract players by offering them an incentive when they create an account and make their first-time deposit. They fall into different categories but the most popular is the sign-up bonus; the first deposit bonus offered after you deposit funds to your casino account. Players must look at the match rate and the wagering requirements of the bonus. Betting sites and online casinos should make this clear. 

FTD is the customer acquisition conversion that is commonly used in the gambling industry and it is the most important metric that casino operators follow. It is calculated by dividing the number of unique visitors to the online casino website by the total number of deposits made by newcomers. The conversion rate gives the casinos a strong indication of the effectiveness of their CRM processes. 

Enjoying the perks of the first-time deposit is easy because the process is simple and you can start playing games to win real money in online casinos in India.

Six tips to increase your conversions

Casino Bonuses

Players love taking advantage of casino bonuses and there is no secret that the bigger and better it is the more eager players are to register at the online casinos and make their first-time deposit. Bonuses can be cash plus a little sauce such as free spins.

Casino operators need to work out what works for their business for the casino bonuses to increase FTD. When casinos offer generous bonuses for sportsbooks and casino games, the number of FTD per click may increase to up to 45%.

Bonus Terms

As much as players are wowed by casino bonuses, these days they are more concerned about the bonus terms. They use the wagering requirements to compare the casino bonus of different online casinos. It’s better if you offer low wagering requirements that make sense to players. While lowering the wagering requirement ensure you offer a wide range of online casinos games as well. Players like it if they can play at their favorite live casino games without having to deposit. The point is they don’t get to choose the best size hence they don’t understand why they should deposit first. 

Banking Options

Make the registration and depositing process as smooth and clear as possible. The faster and easier it is for players to register and deposit the more willing they are to sign up and redeem their account balance, they do not get bored mid-process and call it quits. Offer fast payment methods such as Skrill and also support payment methods that are locally available to the players you target.

Optimize your registration form

Choose the easiest way users can register at the casinos’ site. Make the form customer-oriented by adding top-notch designs and using recommendations for seamless registration forms. Understandably, there are some challenges in gambling registration due to the nature of regulations but they do not state that a company cannot improve its registration process. Examples of gambling sites with better user experience in registering: Uwin, and Cricsbet. 

Minimum Deposits

It’s gambling and a player will not risk big cash trying to chase extra cash. They are rational in how much they can deposit at an online casino site in India, hence an online casino that has a high minimum deposit limit might not get deposits at all. Allowing players to deposit as little as 200 Rs significantly boosts the click FTD rate. 

Game Selection

Just as you order food you are familiar with at a high-end restaurant is the same with how online casino players look for games they are familiar with or are their favorites at a casino game collection. If players do not find the games they look for elsewhere, moreso they become reluctant to make a deposit. Add to your collection popular casino games from world-recognized game software developers and witness the player deposit numbers consistently increase. 


It is very frustrating and questionable if deposits are made fast and hassle-free but withdrawals take long and are complicated. The modern players want to gamble, win and cash out their winnings in the shortest time hence they run away from casinos that take too long to payout, like literally. Simple and fast withdrawal processes increase the first-time deposit rate. 

Don’t focus on VIP players only

Even in brick and mortar casinos, the casino operator offers comps to high rollers but they also offer treats to other players such as unlimited drinks and food. In online casinos, casino whales dwell in the VIP program. They are entitled to various bonuses and VIP support. But it’s time for casinos to pay attention to all users by optimizing their services to them and offering better bonuses to all. Give every player a reason to deposit. 

Improve user experience

An exceptional user experience is a casino’s virtual advantage that boosts the conversion rate. Especially for newbies, they need a site they can easily navigate and find the right buttons. Analyze the casino website and identify elements and features that don’t work properly. Have active buttons, valid links, and a user-friendly interface. Test the website regularly from the user’s point of view by running audits on the casino site.

Call To Actions

The CTAs are meaningless when it comes to increasing FTDs and casino revenue. But most casinos sites end up optimizing for clicks on the CTA. They do not bring much profit in terms of improving the first-time deposit metrics. Casino operators and affiliates can measure the impact on the FTDs and casino revenue or commissions. If the metrics are not improved, then the new user experience features are not having an effect. 


Sportsbook and casino operations should use third-party platforms for their sites to get analytics reporting that will give them an insight on where to assert full control; key points to improve the customer journey. 


1. What is FTD?

The first-time deposit is the conversion rate that shows casino operators and affiliates how many newcomers have deposited funds to their casino account for the first time.

2. How much is the first-time deposit?

Every online casino has a minimum and maximum amount of cash the players can deposit at the casino. It also determines who will be eligible to claim the first-time deposit bonus.

3. What metrics should the casino operator check?

The number of wins, the gross gaming revenue, LTV, PPC campaign insights, or Website metrics are some of the metrics casinos operators can use to get a clear picture of the factors that affect the FTD conversion rates. 

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