Casino Development Companies In India

Top 15 Casino Game Development Companies in India

India is one of the top countries affecting their online casino business sector, concerning casino game development for online casinos and sportsbooks. The growth is striking and has now reached an estimated value of 890 million and over. 

The online betting and gambling sector is growing day by day as well as the demand for high-quality casino games. This is because of the rise of smartphone users which is estimated to be over 638 million. That contributed hugely to the success of this business. At the moment over 250 companies are running in India and there are an average of 2 start-ups every month. Each company is developing casino games that are highly interactive for the target players and adopting trends to attract, engage and retain players. 

Features of casino game development companies in India

  1. Ensures seamless gameplay to boost the adrenaline rush of players
  2. Offers hassle-free payment transactions to increase retention
  3. Incorporate immersive technology trends such as AR and VR to create highly interactive environments. 

Here’s a list of casino game development companies in India

Mobzway Technologies

Founded in 2015, Mobzway is one of the leading poker and casino games development companies in India. It provides a huge selection of casino games software from Live casino games, Texas Hold’Em, Teen Patti, Slots, Blackjack, Rummy, and many others that you can find in online casinos in India. The company keeps growing as the online gambling industry evolves and they have opened branch offices globally and have developed more than 50 applications so far. The company has a team of experts of casino game developers.

Mobzway uses new trends and technologies to build gambling masterpieces. With the help of a skilled and expert team, the casino game development company maintains good client and player satisfaction and retention. 


A globally known casino game software development company that was launched in 2000. The company is dedicated to offering specialized gaming technology and industry experts. They are mostly in business with start-ups such as SMBs and Fortune 5000. The company is involved in many developments in the casino games markets and delivers models suited to the needs of the customer. 

RV Gaming Online

A new poker development company in India that has experience in developing RV gaming. Founded in 2018 by Rahul Bhatia and Govind Agarwal, it created the famous Poker Magnet, a NextGen Poker platform, which has been growing in interactions ever since. Also, a fantasy magnet was their innovation that could impact the online industry by offering a fantasy module for Politics in India. 

TechGropse Pvt.Ltd.

The company was initially launched in 2015 as a mobile app development company in India. Since then they have developed cross-platform and cost-effective mobile apps, compatible with multiple mobile devices, for many companies and projects. As a global service provider, their services are not limited to India only, they also serve the United States and the United Arab Emirates. We could say it is more of an international brand. TechGropse is reliable and offers the best casino game development services with casino games that are interactive and robust. 

Abstract Softweb

A software developer with great reviews and ratings from their clients in India. It is an international company that develops mobile apps, website designs, and other technical services. Their offices are located in India and offshore making them reliable and well reputable.

BR Softech

BR Softech is a game development company that offers consultation and solutions for upcoming businesses all over the world. With over 10+years of experience, the leading casino game development company in India has a team of skilled game developers whose aim is to offer clients products that meet their requirements and are delivered on time. 

The company is client-oriented, they ensure to know their requirements and focus on that. It knows the standards and develops outstanding casino games to meet your needs. It is listed as the top best based on the clients’ reviews and experience with it. 


With over four years of experience in the game development field, the casino games development company specializes in developing a wide range of casino games. Examples of casino games they develop are Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, Poker, Wheel of Fortune, and more. It is featured with a team of 50 talented software developers with experience in game design and game development for mobile phones and web platforms. 


Some of the casino games that Aaryavarta has developed are casino table games, random number ticket games, and electronic gaming machines. The casino game development company in India is the mastermind behind so many casino games and they offer the best in the market with the assistance of a fully experienced and trained team of experts. 


Infocom is mainly a game software development company in India that focuses on developing online casino games. The team of industry experts is talented and creative making them one of the competitive casino game developers in India. 

Casino Game Developers

Experienced game developers who have been part of the casino industry in India for years now. The company has professional game developers experts who deliver projects on time and stay in connection even after the services. They have all sorts of casino games and their variants hence a highly recommended company. The successful developments are in Poker games, White label solutions, Rummy games, Teen Tatti games, Ludo game development, and Card Game development. 

Artoon Solutions

The casino game providers offer effective customized solutions for clients across the globe in web, game, and mobile app development. They offer services in various game development such as Teen Patti, Ludo, Rummy, Carrom board, Andar Bahar, Call break, Real money, Virtual money, and skill-based game developments.


Developed in 2008, it is known for offering the best turnkey casino software, white-label online casino software, Bitcoin casino software, and Self-service Casino software. The casino games are slot games, live casino games, and other casino games.


A very popular casino game development in India that provides a range of game development services for online casinos. They develop online casino games, video slots, lotteries, and also betting apps. ISHIR designs and developments are of high quality and performance. They are specialized in casino game development and digital marketing. 


A leading online casino game development company in India that has experience in developing the best casino games from Slot machines, Bingo, Roulette, Video Poker, and many others. The company is innovative and offers specialized impressive casino game solutions. 


The top-ranking casino game development company in India builds games that offer differentiation and better experiences at online casinos. The skilled developers and designers provide clients with advanced casino games that function smoothly for better gaming experiences.


My Casino Guru came up with the list of top casino game development companies in India by reading the companies’ reviews and following up on personal experiences. They are all great and popular companies but you must check if your requirements align with the companies before contacting them for your project. Expect innovative concepts and easy and efficient online casino games. Improve your casino look and feel by getting in touch with either of the casino game development companies.

Gambling Companies FAQs

1. Are casino games from these companies safe and fair?

Yes. From the clients’ reviews and experiences, casino game development companies in India have been providing them with quality casino games that are responsive and fair. This means they are safe to play and the results are fair. 

2. How do I identify a good casino game developer?

If the casino game developer is licensed and has experience in developing casino games that are of high quality and easy to use interface.

3. Are casino games fun?

Yes, they are. The games are interesting and fair, giving you the best gaming experience at Indian casinos. 

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