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Strategies for How To Win The Sic Bo Game!

Deriving luck in your favor requires more than sheer hard work. You need to back up yourself by learning the right strategies and learn not to dread even in the most stressful situation. This principle applies to online casino games. Here, we will learn about a casino game that is driving people crazy with the returns that it offers- Sic Bo.

A sneak peek at the Sic Bo betting game

Putting a date on the incarnation of the Sic Bo game is nearly impossible, but it is believed that the game has its mention in the ancient Chinese history books where it was played by martial arts fighters to combat stress. The leisurely Sic Bo dice game then infiltrated, slowly spread around, and reached the masses. 

How to play the Sic Bo Online game?

It is a straightforward dice game where the player has to predict the outcome by rolling the dice. You can place multiple or small bets depending on the money you have in hand or want to put into the kitty.

Strategies to win the Sic Bo Online game

  1. Practice the game

The Sic Bo Online dice game cannot be perfected in a day or two. You must rigorously practice it to get into it and earn a large. The tip might seem obvious, but it is the only way to become a master of the game.

  1. Learn the different strategies to be the wager king

The Sic Bo game involves learning about different strategies. You can wager on small or big bets to weigh off the losses. 

  • Low to medium-risk strategy

If you are risk aversive, then the low-risk betting strategy is the best. For example, you predict smaller no 6 and roll the dice. As there are three dice, one dice might show off the face. The joy doubles up when you win the bet, making the Sic Bo dice game attractive.

  • Medium strategy

The strategy might tempt you with the high winning amount or payout, but the chances of winning are thin because betting, you might never know whether the predicted total would come as you thought.

  1. Learn the probability

Probability is the finest way to get through the game. You need to figure out the combinations that can let you make money. The worst combination to bet is 4 or 17 because it rarely hits through.

  1. Create limits and stick to them.

While it may seem obvious how to win the Sic Bo game, most of us cross the wedge to add more money to our pockets! But it could lead to heavy losses and losing our grip on the game. Set the limits and target the winning amount. The worst thing is to continue the game even after making consecutive losses.

  1. Play the Sic Bo Online game after determining the odds.

A little scientific knowledge will let you walk in the lane of success. For example, if you wager on a large number, the payout for 11 to 17 with triples excluded, the probability of winning the game is as high as 48.61%. In contrast, for small numbers from 4-10, the payout with triples excluded, the winning chance is 48.61%. Then you can wager on total bets for numbers 5 and 16. It increases the probability of winning by 2.78% for doubles bet on any pair of numbers with a potential payout of up to 8:1.

  1. The best Sic Bo strategy is to remember don’t trust historic benchmark

Sic Bo online casino games can help you reap huge rewards but don’t trust the benchmark performance considering the records. Even if the dice rolls huge sums twice or thrice, it does not mean the next outcome would be the same. So, do not trust the past. It is a game of chance with equal winning and losing probabilities.

  1. Use combination bets

In the revised Sic Bo game variations, the players can bet on combination bets which means you can bet on two specific numbers. It increases the odds of winning.

  1. Chuck triple bets

Avoiding triple bets is one of the winning Sic Bo betting strategies. Even the most seasoned player don’t wager triple bets as the main bet because it increases the odds of losing money. You can pair it with additional bets for a win-win situation.

  1. Don’t wager on foolish bets

Sometimes in greed to make more money, we place bets foolishly. For example, if you bet from 5 to 16, the odds of earning is 6 in 216. As per the standard pay table, the bet pays 30:1 and has a high house advantage too. But some bets have a high house advantage but are rarely won. Placing bets on such games is akin to handing money to a casino without much thought.

  1. Stay calm

Sometimes the Sic Bo game can drive you insane. From the Sic Table layout to the Sic Bo winning combination to how to play Sic Bo for real money, it seems like a conundrum without a full-blown explanation. But we advise you not to overcomplicate things by raking up your brain hard. Give it a thought and play the battle calmly, even if you lose money.

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Bottom Line

The Sic Bo game can make you strikingly rich by levelling your odds. All you need to learn is the Sic Bo betting system strategies, which the article mentions. 

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