Simulated Reality League

Simulated Reality League – What is it & How to bet and win on it?

Online sports have evolved tremendously with new innovations. The innovations increase the entertainment and fun quotient for sports lovers. Among these innovations, the Simulated Reality League emerged to bring a new zing in sports betting. 

Simulated Reality Leagues or SRL was first introduced for football in three tournaments. Namely, the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and the Italian Serie A. 

What is a Simulated Reality League?

A Simulated Reality League is a sporting event that simulates real-life match scenarios. All the simulations are generated by computer graphics imaging. The goal of SRL is to create a computer algorithm that imitates or copies various real-life activities for practice, analysis, prediction, fun, and entertainment. SRL aims to provide an accurate simulation of real-life events.

SRL sports betting games are available to bet for punters. The SRL betting games are created based on the historic data of thousands of real-life sports matches. SRL is different from virtual sports, as the latter is fictitious and uses random generator software.

Simulated Reality League Cricket: 

In India, punters can enjoy amazing and unique simulated reality league cricket. There are so many betting sites and apps that offer SRl powered by Artificial Intelligence. These sites have emerged to provide an incredible chance for punters to place bets on upcoming and live cricket matches.

Here the SRL lets players watch cricket live score while they watch cricket matches on live streaming. Recently, the Indian Premier League was one of the biggest and most sought-after simulated reality league games. 

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How does simulated reality league cricket work?

The simulated reality league big bash league cricket works based on past performances of teams, players, etc. The computer algorithm is fed with past records of the leagues, tournaments, teams, strengths, and weaknesses. 

So when you want to place a bet, on an upcoming match or a live match. The algorithm will find all the players that have played in the teams earlier. Thus, you also can see multiple betting options to increase your winning odds. So, choose them wisely. 

How to bet on a Simulated Reality League?

You can easily bet on upcoming and live matches of various sports, like football, cricket, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. Thus, most sites provide an SRL betting feature where punters get an option to place bets on two matches per SRL daily. 

Types of Simulated Reality League: 

You will come across two types of betting markets for SRL sports betting, they are Pre-match and In-Play betting. So, we will take a look at both of these below in detail: 

SRL pre-match betting markets:

The Pre-match betting market is where you place bets on an upcoming match. Here you can bet on the performance of players and predict the total score of the teams. Thus, it is important that you follow the sport, the teams, and the players very closely and have knowledge about the sport. 

For example, you can place a bet on an upcoming match in ICC T20 World Cup, England Vs Bangladesh on 27th October 2021. So, you can place multiple betting odds, like predict the top batter or team total at 1st dismissal or runs made during Power Play, etc. 

SRL In-play betting markets: 

For some punters, betting during a live match can give an adrenaline rush. If you are one of them, then you will truly enjoy betting on various betting odds. For example, bet on runs in the next over or runs on the next delivery, or the match-winner, or total runs in innings, or next wicket dismissal method, etc. 

Live betting on a simulated match with the best odds can be found on reputed and popular sportsbooks. Moreover, we have listed the top sportsbooks for SRL below for your perusal. 

Top sportsbooks for Simulated Reality League Betting:

There are many betting sites and apps that you can register with to experience SRL betting. The sites also have a mobile app that allows punters to download and place bets on predictions on their mobile devices from anywhere and anytime. So, do check out the three top betting sites recommended by My Casino Guru. 


UWin is a fun and interactive esports and casino website for Indian players. Here you can register, make a deposit, avail of the welcome bonus, and place your first bet. UWin offers state-of-the-art SRL betting options for punters. 

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My Casino Guru recommends you to try UWin‘s Simulated Reality League and win real money. 


Cricsbet is a specialized cricket or sports betting site, along with casino games betting. It provides a range of sports betting options to Indian punters.

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Try Cricsbet‘s Simulated Reality League and place winning bet odds. 


10 Cric is another reputed cricket betting app for Indian players. It offers a variety of esports like American football, Athletics, Bandy, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, etc. Here punters can find multiple sports betting odds to increase chances of wins. 


Therefore, SRL brings a whole new ball game into sports betting. Though it is a fairly new concept in India, many punters are using this technology as a money-making tool. 

My Casino Guru recommends everyone to get accustomed to how SRL works on a sportsbook site. So, first, try to understand the various betting options offered and practice betting on them with a small amount. Once you know how it works, and what strategies you can use to maximize your wins. Then, you can place bigger bet amounts. 

So, we recommend you see how SRL works by registering with UWin and Cricsbet today. 

However, please be careful and read the terms and conditions and withdrawal requirements of all the sportsbooks. Play responsibly, as sports betting and gambling can be addictive. 

Simulated Reality Legue FAQs: 

1. What is a simulated match?

A simulation match in sports betting is to uses a computerized simulation to copy a real-life match. This process is done using a computer algorithm. for training, analysis, or prediction purposes.

2. What are SRL leagues?

The SRL is a tool that virtually simulates the result of a cricket match from previous cricket matches. This enables punters to predict the various outcomes of an upcoming match or live match. SRL makes live cricket streaming of a match even more exciting and offers an immersive betting experience. 

3. What is a simulated reality League Big Bash SRL?

SRL Big Bash T20 is an innovative betting option provided by most specialized sportsbooks. It is a simulated version of the Twenty Twenty or T20 Cricket league, an Australian professional cricket franchise. Punters can place bets on the prediction of outcomes of the T20 matches on UWin and Cricsbet sportsbooks. Therefore, place in-play and pre-match bets, along with various betting options to increase your chances of winning real money. 

4. How do simulated reality leagues work?

The Simulated Reality Leagues offer two main types of virtual sports betting. Pre-match betting and Live or in-play betting. Each of these SRL events or matches is 90 minutes long. Here, the punters can bet on the preferred teams, view team and match statistics or points, and how the teams and players are performing in the league.

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