Play 3 card poker online win real money

Play 3 Card Poker Online Real Money in India

3 card poker is a lot of fun to play. It is a fast-moving game which makes it even more thrilling and exciting. Three-card poker was popularised in the US casinos, however, in India, we know the 3 card poker variant as Teen Patti.

You can play the 3 cards poker online game easily on most online casino websites and apps. When you know the game rules, it is easy to make the winning 3 card poker combinations.

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A quick guide on how to play 3 card poker cards?

3 cards poker game rules:

  • Three Card Poker is played between the players and the dealer.
  • First, an Ante bet is placed at the start of the game.
  • 3 cards each are dealt to each player and the dealer.
  • A player can fold the game when their cards are not good.
  • However, if a player wants to continue, then they need to make another bet that is equal to the initial Ante bet.
  • In order for the dealer to play, they need to have a Queen- high or a better hand.
  • If the dealer does not play, then the ante wagers is paid 1:1 to all the players and no wager bet is placed.
  • When the dealer plays, everyone can compare their hands.
  • If a player hand loses, then they lose the Ante and the wager bet.
  • However, if a player hand wins, then 1:1 is paid from the Ante and wager bets.
  • If there is a draw, then no one wagers and the game continues.

Winning tips and tricks:

  • You can make side bets like the Pair plus wager where if a player gets at least a pair of cards.
  • Players can take advantage of Ante bonus if the online casino offers it. In Ante Bonus, a straight flush pays 5:1, three of a kind pays 4:1 and a straight pays 1:1. Ante bonus is payable to a player even if they lose against the dealer hand.
  • If you do not have even one high card from the 3 cards, like Ace, King, Queen and Jack, then it is a good idea to quit the game.
  • Play in a reputed free online casino where they offer genuine games and 3 card poker bonus. Avoid online casinos where there is a three-card poker house edge, which means your winnings will be low.
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3 cards poker Ranking and Payouts:

  • Straight Flush – 5♣4♣3♣ – 40:1
  • Three of a Kind – J♦ J♥J♠ – 30:1
  • Straight –  10♠9♥8♣ – 6:1
  • Flush – Q♥7♥3♥ – 3:1
  • Pair – 10♠2♦2♣ – 1:1
  • High card – K♣6♥4♦


Ultimately, you want to be able to bet and play a poker game where you have better odds of winning real money. You can also choose an online casino where you get a no-deposit bonus, which helps you to play for free without making a deposit.

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3 Card Poker FAQs:

1. What is an Ante bet?

The ante bet is where all the players make a forced bet into the pot before the start of the game.

2. What is Queen-high hand in Poker?

Queen-high hand in Poker means a straight flush, i.e, sequence cards of Q, J, and 10.

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