Sports Betting Almost Doubled

Number Of People In Sports Betting Almost Doubled

In the year 2021 only, the number of Americans participating in sports betting regularly jumped from just 5% to 12%. This is based on a report published by Morning Consult after conducting a poll. Unfortunately, the report was published on the same day when online betting was supposed to debut in New York. 

Key Facts

  • In a survey conducted by Morning Consult last month, it found that almost 12% of the participants have admitted wagering at least one sports bet per week, and the total percentage of people wagering any kind of monetary bets is around 25%. Sports betting participation rose from 5% to 20% in January. 
  • This survey was conducted a month before online sports betting was set to debut in New York on 8th January. Data released by the state government of New York showed explosive results. More than 650,000 distinct accounts were made on the different sports betting apps. On the first weekend after legalizing online sports betting, somewhere around $150 million were wagered by the city’s residents. 

Currently, there are 18 states in the US where you can wager bets on online websites legally, including the latest edition New York. According to BetMGM, one of the biggest players in the US Betting market revised its 2022 revenue forecast from $1 billion to $1.3 billion, keeping in mind the rise in popularity of online betting. 

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