How to withdraw Money from Dream 11

How to Withdraw Money from Dream 11 Fantasy App?

Dream 11 is by far the top leading fantasy sports site in India. Fantasy earning games on Dream 11 allows players to make imaginary teams of players in professional sports, and the team wins and wins real money. The sports events in which players can create fantasy teams are; the most popular in India Cricket betting, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball, or even Kabaddi. 

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The Dream 11 app 

An online fantasy app where players can play fantasy leagues, create teams, and win real money on the go. Fantasy sports apps are designed for cricket fans with sports passion for showcasing their sports knowledge and skills. Players win according to their performance, where they predict the Dream 11 matches. 

The leagues on Dream 11 fantasy sports are classified into three paid contests:

  1. Small Leagues: Here, you will find less than 20 fantasy players in one single contest.
  2. Mega Leagues: In mega leagues, the bettors’ range is between 20 to 500 in a single contest.
  3. Grand Leagues: The leagues have more than 500 bettors and players in one single contest. 

Choose that you prefer or are well familiar with and experienced to increase your chances of winnings. After winning, the next step is to withdraw the winnings from the Dream 11 site or the app. 

Terms and Conditions of Dream11 money withdrawal

  • Players can only withdraw from Dream 11 after the account has been verified.
  • The cash bonus cannot be withdrawn but rather for players to use to play and win.
  • The verification process is ONE-TIME. Do not make any changes to your account unless you want to change the account’s personal or bank details. 
  • Winnings withdrawal will reflect in your account in 5 working days.
  • For verification, have at least Rs 200 winning balance in your Dream 11 account. 
  • Players can’t use a single bank account for multiple Dream11 accounts.
  • Once verified, you cannot link the PAN on one Dream 11 account. 
  • You can verify your bank details after you’ve successfully verified your PAN Card.

The next thing is to verify your PAN to be able to withdraw. Enter your PAN details clearly: PAN number, date of birth, and your name. Ensure to upload a clear photocopy. Dream 11 will take 3 to 5 days to verify your PAN. 

The verification process of the Dream 11 account

1. Fill in your bank account details and IFSC Code with Dream 11.

2. Upload clear copies of bank documents: passbook front page copy, cheque book (with your name printed on it), and bank statement. 

3. The Dream 11 team will take 3-5 days to verify the details. 

Many of my casino guru-recommended sports betting sites or apps in India require the verification of bank accounts to enable players to withdraw their winnings. 

Once verified, everything else gets simpler. Use the Dream 11 mobile app for withdrawals.  

How to withdraw cash from Dream 11

After completing a competition of choice, a player starts playing and wins real cash and rewards. You can then withdraw them in the condition that you are of age 18+ to register and play at Dream 11. With a registered account, it’s easier to withdraw money. 

Steps to withdraw money from Dream 11: 

1. Log into your Dream 11 account on the app or the website.

2. Go to the ‘My Balance’ section on the profile. Check your total balance and winnings.

3. Click the withdraw instantly button.

4. Verify your account details and PAN details.

5. After verifications, Dream 11 will ask you to input the amount you wish to withdraw. The minimum limit is Rs 100, and the maximum limit is Rs 1 Crore.

6. Click withdraw now and receive the winnings that will reflect in the bank account you linked to Dream 11. 

7. You will receive a confirmation email. 

Withdrawals are successful if your Dream 11 account is verified and your winning balance is more than Rs 100. You are allowed a maximum of 3 withdrawals a day but not exceeding the total value of Rs 1 Crore. IMPS and NEFT withdrawals may take up to 3 working days to reflect. The credit reflects under the name of ‘Fiduciary Billing Solutions’.

Why is my PAN/Bank verification getting rejected?

Bank Account

– If the player has not uploaded the official bank document. 

(Players can upload any of these files: bank statements, cheques, passbooks, or even a screenshot of their net banking account profile)

– The images you uploaded are not visible. The bank document should be CLEAR.

PAN Card

Players should know that if the card’s name is different from that of the bank account holder’s name, Dream 11 may not verify their account. The player’s bank account should be connected to the verified PAN card. 

– The IFSC code could be invalid as per the Dream 11 database. Download the attachment from Dream 11 to check the list of invalid IFSC codes and if the code is on the list already, use a different IFSC code: another bank account that is not part of the list.

Why do withdrawal requests get cancelled on Dream11? 

Withdrawals processes get canceled if there is an issue, mostly with your verified bank account or the FairPlay Violation.

In such a case, Dream 11 will share the reasons as to why the process was/has been canceled. 

The reasons may be:

– Suppose you added the wrong IFSC code. This and entering incorrect account names or account numbers. Dream 11 understands that this may be a mistake, so you will be sent a message saying that the amount was credited back to your Dream 11 account. You can redo the process again by keying in the correct updated details and verifying your bank account. 

– Dream 11 withdrawals done by verifying bank accounts from Telangana, Odisha, or Assam will be automatically rejected. If you are outside these regions, key in details from a different state bank account, verify it, and request the withdrawals. 

The cancellation may show FairPlay Violation Detected. The Dream 11 team will brief you on the issue, and if you follow up on the new rules, you will avoid your account being deactivated.

Cases that lead to FairPlay Violation:

– If the Player has more than one Dream 11 account.

– If the Player withdraws the cash bonus awarded by Dream 11 using unlawful means. 

– If the Player submitted wrong details or fake documents. Or details/documents that belong to someone else.


1. A player will not be awarded any winnings and cash bonuses that they earned by unfair means.

2. The accounts they referred shall also be deactivated and the invite links blocked.

3. The Final is the permanent deactivation of the Dream 11 account.

How to keep your Dream 11 account and winnings safe

– Never share your OTP with anyone. 

– Don’t share sensitive information like PAN card number, email ID, or bank details with other players on Dream 11.

– Be keen when downloading the Dream 11 app. Such as unauthorized and unverified apps that may use your details for identity theft or hack your bank account.

– Cash bonuses, discounts, and vouchers are only available and can be claimed on the official Dream 11 website or app. 

– Reach out to the Helpdesk on the website/app in cases of fraudulent or suspicious activity on your Dream 11 account. 

How to check your transaction history

  1. Open the Dream 11 site/app and log in.
  2. Go to the My balance section in the Dream 11 menu and check here.
  3. You can also download the transaction history. This is possible with the latest Dream 11 app version. 

Dream 11 FAQs

1. Can I join Dream 11 contests from Karnataka?

Players from Karnataka state are not allowed to join any contests on Dream 11 that play real money. However, they can enter the readily available free contests.

2. How do I verify my Email ID?

Login to the account, go to the My Balance section, tap on the verify to withdraw, then the Email ID, and follow the steps. Verifying your email means you will receive Dream 11 emails. 

3. What information can I hide from other opponents?

Your full name and team details can be hidden from other players. Go to change profile settings, my info, and settings, then privacy settings.

4. Are PAN and bank verification mandatory?

Yes, it is because all withdrawals involve transferring winnings from the Dream 11 account to your bank account and also issuing TDS certificates on time, if applicable. 

5. Can I change my PAN card after verification?

You cannot change the PAN card or use it on any other Dream 11 account once verified. 

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