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An introduction to how to play Monopoly Live

What if we say you are about to sail in the clouds of fortune as the gateway for money-making opportunities has opened up? Monopoly Live is a game that befits your desires and spreads happiness by spinning the wheel. Let’s learn how to play Monopoly live, the best strategy in Monopoly, and the rules related to it.

How to play Monopoly Live?

It is a spin casino game where the players have to predict the outcome of where the wheel will stop after a spin.

What are the rules of the Monopoly Live game?

Brace yourself to get a pocketful of money by understanding the game rules; here they are.

  • Place the wager on the numbers.
  • The lead will spin the fortune wheel.
  • If the prediction is correct; you will amass wealth and gain prize money.

For example, if you bet on number 1, the payout amount will increase to 1x the betting amount; if you bet on 2 numbers, the payout will increase to 2 x your betting amount, 5, and then the amount will be multiplied by 5, in addition to that they provide you 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls which trigger the bonus in your kitty. And the cherry on the cake is the chance segment, where you get a cash prize or multiplier. The multiplier further increases the chances of winning to manifold times.
Here’s a table that predicts the outcome of this spin casino game.

Segment NumberNo of segments in the wheelPayout
1221x Betting Amount
2152x Betting Amount
575x Betting Amount
10410x Betting Amount
2 Rolls3Trigger Bonus
4 Rolls1Trigger Bonus

Bonus Round of Monopoly Live

In the Monopoly Live Casino game, you stand a chance to earn the bonus if the wheel stops at 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls segments. 

In this round, you will be transcended to the 3-D world with different sections like properties, utilities, free parking, jail, community chest, and go. The payout bonus amount will be multiplied randomly and reach 1000x or more.  

2 Rolls-If the wheel stops at 2 rolls, the player can move around the wheel 2 times.

4 Rolls– If the wheel stops at the 4 Rolls segment, the players will get a chance to move around the world and get a 4 times bonus. In the end, the player accumulates a huge amount, and his initial stake is multiplied several times.  You can also check to acquaint yourself with the rules.

monopoly live

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What is the best strategy in Monopoly to help you make a lot of money?

You might think that you don’t have to put in a lot of legwork to win the game, as winning it is a matter of chance. You are mistaken and are thwarting your winning chances. Here are some strategies for spin casinos that can drive you a lot of money.

1.Learn the payout rolls before initiating the game.

Before entering the game, learn the RTP of these bets, which means how much return, percentage, or prizes the player will get on his initial stake. For example, betting on no 1 will get an RTP of 9288%; on bet 2, the player will get 9623%; on number 5, 9130%; on 10, 9602%, 2 rolls 93.9%,4 rolls 93.67%. It means you will stand a high chance of earning if you limit your bet on no 1 and no 2.

2.Mix and match for Monopoly winnings

The best monopoly strategy is to mix and match the numbers to achieve a threshold stake and compensate for losses. 

For instance, if you wager on Rs 30 on number 2, Rs 10 on number one, Rs 20 on 2 roll bonus, and Rs 20 on 4 roll bonus. In this way, you are betting Rs 80, and these are the likable chances that can help you to earn a lot.

Caution: It does not mean you should bet on anything and everything that comes underway. 

3.Invest in 2 rolls and 4 rolls if you have money to spare

The volatile strategy can only put a hefty amount in your pocket if you are lucky. So, play it only if you have money to burn.

4.Don’t go on a tilt

To gain Monopoly, you might put a lot of stakes in the game, regretting later. Learn to punctuate your gains to compensate for the losses. It will not reach the bottom-out stage.

5.Observing is the best strategy

The seasoned players believe that closely observing the game can increase winning chances. Many live game trackers will simplify the process, but nobody guarantees it. 

6.Check the bonus rules.

Before wagering, check the bonus rules, as it may increase the bankroll substantially. Remember, not all online casino games render bonuses.


1.Which is the best review platform to give you strategies and advice on playing a Monopoly game?

To learn monopoly tactics, visit It is the largest platform that teaches you the game rules and provides reviews that may turn you from rags to riches.

2.Can you earn real money from it?

Yes, betting on a Monopoly game can earn a fortune or receive a cash prize or bonus provided you learn Monopoly tactics and read reviews from Casino guru before betting.

3.Is the Monopoly casino game legal in India?

Yes, the government of India has labelled it as a legal game as it requires skills and strategies to win. So, now nobody can stop you from being rich.

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