Free Cricket Betting Tips

Free Cricket Betting Tips to Win Real Money by My Casino Guru

Cricket Betting in India has become an integral part of Indian cricket these days. Earlier only betting brokers and professional bettors were the ones who did cricket betting. However, since many online sportsbook sites and apps have sprung up in India, cricket betting is for the masses. We at My Casino Guru have the best and free cricket betting tips for all you punters out there.

10 free cricket betting tips:

My Casino Guru brings to you the 10 most useful free cricket betting tips for Indian players. If you are new to cricket betting, then do try these tips and benefit with some decent profits. 

1. Learn everything about cricket: No. 1 free cricket betting tips

Learn everything you can about cricket. Cricket history, past players, international and domestic teams, current players, etc. A great way to understand cricket is to watch match highlights of the previous games, especially of the current teams. Watch important tournament and league matches to see how teams fare. 

2. Keep up-to-date and latest information about cricket: 

Make sure you analyze player performances in the previous matches. Every player’s ability is different. In one match they can do really well and the other not so well. So, understand each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Follow players who are in good form. keep a track of team and player rankings and ratings.

3. Watch Live cricket matches: 

When you watch live cricket matches, you will come to know about the real-time match details. You will understand the pitch of every ground or stadium. Moreover, you can benefit from the information you gather when you listen to the commentators and their predictions on what a match can hold. For example, looking at the pitch, the commentators and cricket experts can make a prediction that whoever team wins the toss and chooses to bat first has chances of reaching a high score. 

4. Pick the right Online Betting sites: 

Do your research well on the right cricket betting sites available for Indian players. You may choose 2-3 sites and can try them to see which sites give you the best cricket betting odds to win. 

Shop around to find the sites you are most comfortable with. In addition, you can read helpful and honest reviews by My Casino Guru of some popular Sportsbooks in India. Our in-depth reviews of sportsbooks will help you to choose the right betting sites. 

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5. Choose an online betting site that offers lucrative bonuses and promotions; 

Sites that provide extra betting features or give away lucrative bonuses like free bets on cricket are great options to narrow down. During tournaments and important leagues, keep an eye on special promotions. For example, the IPL 2021 has given players an awesome time to place free bets when they register with a sportsbook for the first time. 

6. Make a deposit and place small bets: 

Always make a minimum deposit in a sportsbook, as you can try placing small bets on it. This will help you to know and understand the different unique betting features of the site. You will also come to know if the website runs any special bonuses or promotions for new players. 

Even when you are a seasoned player, it is always good to stick to placing small bets. 

7. Make strategy with your cricket knowledge and skills: 

The most important cricket betting tip No. 7 is to use your knowledge and skills of cricket to make a winning strategy. Your winning strategy must include contingency plans too, like quitting the game when needed. Make sure your strategy could be different for every team and player. 

Your strategy must include the different types of bets you can place. For example, you can place pre-match or in-play bets. Completed match bets, tied match, innings and runs, top bowler, top batsman, a team of the top batsman, bowler match bets, and more. 

8. Place Lambi session bets: 

When you bet on shorter matches or limited over matches, try to play only lambi sessions. When you place bets on predicting a score at the end of 20 overs, you have better odds of winning. You may also be able to better predict which team could win a match, or the number of wickets will be lost, etc. 

9. Avoid the temptation to place high bets: 

Many punters feel the urge to place a high bet amount. However, you must make sure you do not go over your budget. It is very tempting to place a high bet and think that you will definitely win. But, keep in mind that cricket betting is very risky, and unless you have a good strategy and you have a golden spoon, do not go overboard. 

10. Choose 3 teams and bet consistently: 

When you are betting on cricket matches with limited-overs like IPL or World Cup 20-20, anything can happen till the last ball of the match. Just make sure to choose at least 3 teams and place consistent bets on them. Concentrate on these teams only throughout. This strategy can help you make profits. When you mix and match, you are distributing your losses and wins. 

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5 best online cricket betting sites to win real money: Free cricket betting tips

  • UWin
  • Cricsbet 
  • Betway 
  • 10Cric
  • 24 Betting

Conclusion: Free cricket betting tips

Cricket betting is a game of predictions. You cannot be sure of the end result. However, you are only using your knowledge about the teams and players to predict which team could win. There are no guarantees. That is why it is important to not get with your heart. 

There are many forces that can change the course of a cricket match. For example, weather conditions, the health of players (especially, during COVID-19), local match venues, and more. 

Keep reading updated information about cricket, teams, and players. When you have the knowledge of cricket, use it very wisely. Do not place any risky bets and do not assume. Your betting skills can be accentuated when you keep yourself updated all the time. 

FAQs: Free cricket betting tips

1. Where can I get accurate and free cricket betting tips in India?

You can get accurate cricket betting tips in India from a reputed website like My Casino Guru. Here you can also read about the latest matches and players. 

2. Does cricket betting help in making money?

Making money through cricket betting is very popular. However, unless you are an expert in cricket or have good knowledge about it, betting on cricket can be very risky for you. You need to have a good strategy to place bets and choose a good betting site too. Therefore, we can say that with good cricket knowledge and the latest cricket information, you can try cricket betting. 

3. How do I win a cricket bet every time?

You can win a cricket bet every time by creating a good strategy. Also ensure you choose a good sportsbook that provides attractive bonuses, like Cricsbet

4. How can I bet on the IPL online?

You can bet on IPL on any of the reputed sportsbooks. For example, UWin, Cricsbet, Betway, 24 Betting, 10Cric, and more. 
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