Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale Casino

Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale Casino – Which is the Best?

Big Daddy and Deltin Royale casinos are some of the most famous casinos in Goa, India. They can be found on boats anchored in the river shores. These boats are world-class entertainment destinations for they have live casino tables. In India, onshore casinos can only have electronic games. Therefore, there are groups of companies that host modern and classy casinos. 

The state of Goa has a night filled with thrilling fun and entertainment and enchanting music, enthusiastic players, and cold drinks. There are so many casinos in the exotic state, but these two are the top casinos. They attract tourists for the luxury and magical night they offer to visitors. 

They charge high fees, and they both focus on a similar goal of increasing the casino revenue. But how do these two casinos differ? 

Casino License

The casinos have been granted licenses under the Goa, Daman, and Public Gambling Act,1976, and they operate under specific rules and regulations. 


The casinos are located at Panjim in different areas; Big Daddy is on the Captain of Ports Jetty, Panjim, where Deltin Royale is on the Boards from Noah’s Ark, RND Jetty, D. Bandodkar Road.

Casino Packages

Big Daddy casino packages for individuals over the age of 21 are: 

  1. Daytime Deal – 2000 rupees per person, 1,000 one time chips and unlimited drinks. 
  2. Regular Package – It costs 2500 Rs per person, caters to one person with 1,500 Rs One time play chips and unlimited food, drinks, and entertainment from Monday to Thursday. On the weekend, that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the packages cost 3500 rupees per person.
  3. Premium Package – On the weekday, Monday to Thursday, this costs 3500 per person, and on the weekend, it costs 4500 per person. 
  4. VIP Package – A package that is available on all days for 7000 rupees per person. Of course, it is expensive, and by its name, it opens the VIP casino treatment and access to the VIP gaming room only for high rollers with no limit tables and no cap on the stakes. 
  5. Couple Regular Package – Maybe newlyweds are on their honeymoon, or a couple is just on vacation and wants to visit the casino. They can choose this Package exclusively meant for couples. It costs 5000 for each couple and only for the weekdays from Monday to Thursday. For the weekend it is 7000 rupees per couple. 
  6. Special Poker Package – The Package costs 2500 rupees per person on the weekdays, that is Monday to Thursday, and for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, it costs 3500 rupees.
  7. Poker Couple Package– the charges are 5000 rupees per person for Monday to Thursday and 7000 rupees for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

One Time Play Chips and unlimited alcoholic drinks accompany them. But there are other packages for kids and underages.

  1. Youth Package – If they are 18 and above, you can pay the 1500 rs package on any day.
  2. Kids Package – From the 8 and 18 only kids of that gae charges 1000 rupees per kid, no chips but there will be food and drinks. 

Deltin Royale casino packages are convenient and almost similar to Big Daddy’s but with different charges: 

  1. Regular Package – starts from 3000 rupees up to 8000 rupees. The 3000 Rs per person comes with 2,000Rs one time play chips, unlimited drinks, food, entertainment from Monday to Thursday.
  2. Premium Package – The cost is from 7000 to 12000 rupees. 
  3. The VIP package costs from 15,000 to 22,000 rupees.

Other available packages at these casinos are the Special Poker package, Youth package, and even a Kids package. 

Casino Entertainment

The casinos include international and Indian famous casino games for all kinds of players. Other than games, the casinos have different forms of entertainment such as performances by international artists, extraordinary acts, and routines from world-renowned bands, singers, dancers, troupes, and independent musicians. 

The types of games found at Big Daddy are 110 Table Games and 900 gaming positions and automatic slot machines located in three different levels of the cruise ship. The casino has Baccarat, BlackJack, Roulette, Texas Hold ’em Poker, Andar Bahar, Papplu which is Indian Rummy, Rashi Wheel, 3 Card Poker, 5 Card Poker, Mini Flush, Mang Patta, Casino War, and Indian Flush. An extraordinary experience, world-class gaming, and the finest luxurious drinks aboard make this an amazing floating casino.

Deltin Royale has established a reputable name, and once aboard, players can try their luck in over 850 gaming positions on three different levels. The casino games include Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold ’em Poker, 3 Card Poker, 5 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Casino War, Money Wheel, Mini Flush Roulette, and slot machines. The casinos Teen Patti and Indian Flush attract so many players. They have a dedicated room for these two games, which makes most casino enthusiasts make this casino their all-time favorite. The casino has delectable food that players can choose from the multi-cuisine restaurants and enjoy the finest wines and whiskeys at the grand exclusive whisky lounge. 

Casino Timings

Both casinos are open 24/7 and offer thrill and enjoyment all though. The casinos keep the fun alive to ensure players and visitors have a fantastic experience and maybe come back again and again. 

Casino Cons

Big Daddy

  • Vegan and vegetarian alternatives are unavailable on the menu. 
  • No web-based gaming stage.

Deltin Royale

  • There is no gambling limit which may result in high gambling addiction cases.
  • So many people, therefore, expanded wrongdoings.

Fun Facts about these two casinos

  1. The dress code is a smart casual kind of style. This means no shorts, no sleeveless shirts, and most certainly no flip/flops or chappals.

2. They are tourist destinations because of the off-land casino aspect. Something about playing a casino game while aboard gets some casino enthusiasts excited. 

3. Discount offers are run to attract more visitors. 

4. With technology and the new era, you can book online. Choose the package you would like on your mobile phone. 

5. Big Daddy and Deltin Royale casino feels are not similar to the land-based casinos; ask around, you’ll hear.

6. The best timings are during the night. 


We cannot decide for you which casino to go to, but we have highlighted the differences between these two top casinos in India, and each of them is great in its way. The casinos have luxurious packages that are good for visitors and casino enthusiasts. We can tell you to do when you are in Goa visit these casinos and from them, whichever you feel rhymes with you will be the casinos you’ll play at for the rest of your visit, or you will be visiting more frequently if you are already in India. Also, if you are new to gambling, you could try some of the free or low-cost games at the casinos to understand the metrics of the games and increase your gameplay. Look into other Big Daddy and Deltin Royale casino reviews. 

Casino FAQs

1. Are these casinos legal in India?

Goa, Sikkim, and Daman are the only three states in India that have not laid the law on gambling. Indian players can find these casinos and other popular casinos in these states.

2. Who are the owners of these casinos?

Big Daddy casino is owned by the Haryana politician Gopal Kanda’s Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited, whereas the Delta Corp Limited owns Deltin Royale Casino.

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