Football Betting Strategies

Best Football Betting Strategies

The beautiful football game is one of the most-watched sports of all time. It is extremely popular in countries like Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain and many other countries. In addition, you will find many fans following the game religiously, even in a country like India, where cricket is considered a separate religion. 

Given the popularity of football, it is obvious that sports enthusiasts also like to wager bets on their favourite game. So if you are someone who is dying to place your bets on the game of football but not very sure how to go about it, don’t stress, as this article is all about the best football betting strategies that you can use to make the most out of your bets. 

Strategies to keep in mind while placing bets in football

Let’s get it straight and clear that there is no way to guarantee that you will win the bets every time you wager in the game of football. However, the good news is that there are some ways to maximize your winning chances, which are as follows: 

Always look for the predictions made by the experts

The most important football betting strategy is to look at the predictions made by the experts before the game starts. Much like any other sport, there is an opening program before football starts where experts discuss the probable outcomes of the game. You must follow those predictions closely because they provide you with a better insight into the game. 

You will notice that the pro bettors who place their bets in football tend to avoid their gut instincts and place their bets after gaining proper knowledge and experience. By doing this, they can place bets which are more profitable and has better outcomes. 

Know about the rules of the game

Football can be a tricky game when it comes to the rules that each player must follow. As a bettor, you must know the football game inside out and all the different rules of the game. Therefore, you need to have some patience and read thoroughly about the rules and regulations of the game, as they play a major role in the outcome of your bets. Knowing the game of football and its rules will give you an edge while placing your bets because a lot depends on just the rules of the game. 

Place your bets on corners

When you visit any online betting website to place bets on a game of football, you will come across different markets, allowing you to bet on more than outcomes. One such market that you will notice is placing your bets on corners. Although it might seem a little odd if you have done your research thoroughly, it is quite a profitable option. You will have to keep track of the number of corners each team wins in every game and use it while deciding your next bet. You can also look at the team’s defensive tactics, attacking style, the size of the ground and the weather as these factors can impact your decision. 

Bet on double chances 

If you are one of those bettors who are not very keen to take enormous risks while placing your bets, betting on double chance can be an excellent strategy. You increase your winning probability when you bet on double chances because you will win your bet even if you win one out of the two events. In addition, betting on more than one bet outcome increases your winning probability by 33.3%. However, you will also have to keep in mind that the payouts of double chances are significantly low, so your stakes need to be very high if you want to win big. 

Wager your money on the favourites 

This one is a simple yet effective strategy in the game of football. Placing your bets on the giants of football like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool, PSG etc., increases your winning probability to a great extent. This is because, in football, the chances of the favourites winning the game is much more. But, there have also been cases of the underdogs defeating the favourites by a goal or two, so you don’t need to win the bets every time by wagering money on the favourites. But, rest assured, the chances of winning by placing bets on the favourites is much more than losing. 

Place small bets 

Betting on the game of football depends a lot on your bank balance. The average bettor has a modest bank balance which he wants to increase by betting on different kinds of sports. So it makes complete sense that you place multiple bets, which are relatively small. It is a smart move to place multiple small bets in the game of football rather than wagering all your money on a single huge bet. This increases your winning chances significantly. If you lose one bet, you can still win the other two and make some profit. 

Place your bets on the number of goals

Placing bets in football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The option of betting on one of the two teams isn’t a good strategy in most cases, as the outcome can swing either way. However, that is exactly where creative bets like scoring goals have helped many bettors. However, there are some things that you need to research, like a team’s average goal per match and their form, before placing these kinds of bets. If your bets are backed by proper research, your winning probability increases.

You can put all the strategies mentioned above to use while betting on your next football game but keep in mind that there is a tad bit of luck involved in betting. There might be some rough patches in your betting journey, but that doesn’t mean you will give up on the strategies that helped you win earlier. Instead, you must stick to your winning strategies and be consistent. Choose the best online betting sites as well, and you’ll be well on your way to winning big!

Football Betting FAQs: 

  1. Is there any strategy that guarantees a win in football betting?

There is no such strategy that guarantees you a win every time you place your bets on the game of football. But there are many strategies that you can use to maximize your winning probability while placing football bets. 

  1. What is the best betting strategy in football betting?

The game of football is a very unpredictable sport as the whole game can change at the very last minute. So keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of the game, the best bet to place has to be Double Chances because you can rely on multiple outcomes to win the bet. The payout is quite low in Double Chances, but the winning probability is more. 

  1. How can I be good at football betting?

There are a few ways to improve your chances of winning football bets. The first will be a thorough knowledge of the game and the rules. Then you can use strategies like placing bets on corners, double chances, the number of goals scored etc. 

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